Assault on Academic Freedom

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  The photo is of the Shafer Bell Tower at Ball state University. At this moment, some radical atheists are hoping that any sound that might be coming out of it might be a toll on academic freedom that challenges evolutionary dogma. World Magazine reported June 18th that one of Ball State’s untenured faculty members, Assistant Professor Dr.  Eric Hedin, “crossed a line when he encouraged classroom discussion that included multiple views of life’s origins.” That got...

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Learning to Trust

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  What is it like to climb to the top of a 130’ cliff, get hooked into your belay rope, lean backwards and step off the edge for the first time? If you are anything like me, or most of our campers, you feel more than a bit of apprehension and a lot of adrenalin flowing! After all, it’s not natural to step backwards off a cliff and “walk” down the face of a mountain, even if you are “on belay!” Here at the Creation Action Boot Camp, our campers are having a wonderful...

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“Creationist for Life”

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  So many times, Mary Jo & I run into high school or university students who had attended church but now have rejected Christianity and the Bible because of evolutionary teaching. Some have become quite weakened in their faith and have begun to embrace evolution, even though they may not have dumped their faith altogether (yet). In the last couple of years, we have talked to several students who were on the verge of doing just that. Not too long ago, we heard from...

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Family Camp Combined with Boot Camp

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  Mary Jo & I are at Camp Redcloud with a combination family camp and boot camp. What that means is we have a youth group of teens joining the families this week. I think that the combination is powerful as the youth group brings a good dynamic to the mix. The students also benefit from the maturity of the other participants, and in this case, seeing strong families in action!  These students seem excited to be hearing this material for the first time. Most of them...

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Passing it on!

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  I had an opportunity to conduct another geology field trip to the Colorado National Monument near our home base in Grand Junction.  This particular tour was certainly a blessing to me, as the wife of this couple had a good background in geology and could easily pick up on the importance of what I was sharing. She could also ask those deep questions that I don’t normally get to discuss with most people. The real blessing, however, was her testimony. She had heard me...

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Question Your Assumptions

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  As Mary Jo & I were driving the other day to one of our speaking events, we were reminded of something we frequently tell students: Question your assumptions. We were driving on Highway 69 and had been told that the highway made a jog in a little town. When it jogged to the left, we thought we were right on track. We didn’t realize that the highway also had a quick jag to go along with the jog.  Having missed that part, we happily sailed down the wrong highway...

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Here We Go Again!

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  Yep, here we go again. Mary Jo & I are in Texas for a homeschool conference. Yesterday morning, we were in Waco, Texas, heading for San Antonio.  Can you believe it, a big tornado was hitting just north of us.  One system was heading for Waco.  A thunderstorm nearby had dropped hail ice balls the size of a soft ball —  that is 4 inches in diameter.   The picture is what I snapped off of the TV report. Sure hope these storms don’t hit any closer! Reminds me...

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AOI’s White Water Rafting & Kayaking Adventure

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  The dates have been set and permits obtained! Excitement and learning loom ahead! Mark your calendar for AOI’s 60 mile raft trip down the Green River through Desolation and Gray canyons. We are teaming up with Journey Quest, a Christian rafting ministry. This is a tremendous trip with a lot of river fun and excitement in both rafts and kayaks… whatever you prefer. See Flood geology and biology up close, as well as Indian cliff paintings and old west historical...

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Snow Storm Surprise

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  You have to like Colorado. It is frequently said that if you don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait 5 minutes. It will change. Sometimes it really surprises you. I almost hate to admit it, but the Christmas photo out my front door (to the right) was not actually taken at Christmas. It was taken about two weeks ago. I hadn’t yet taken down the Christmas lights, as we have had a pretty busy schedule. Or should I say, I am really early in getting prepared for this...

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Petrified Forest National Park

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  This year we added Petrified Forest National Park to the Jackson Hole Bible students’ itinerary for the annual geology field trip. Petrified Forest is located in eastern Arizona. The petrified logs, which are brightly colored, give the park its fame. Visitors certainly enjoy not only seeing the rainbow of colors found in the logs but also the large size of the trees and the vastness of the deposit. The colors are produced by the different elements present along...

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Fuzzy Dinosaurs

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  I received an Email from Terry Beh, who is the author of a new kid’s book on Dinosaurs which we sell at seminars. It is called T is for T.Rex – Some of Gods Most Amazing Creatures from A-Z. (Available from AOI for $20 includes shipping, just mention in the comments that you saw it here). Terry Beh mentioned, in his email, that he has just recently visited the Witte Museum in San Antonio. Currently the museum is featuring a traveling exhibit on dinosaurs. Terry...

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  Brrrrrrrrr, it is certainly cold. Here I am heading back up the trail to the rim of the Grand Canyon. It certainly would be more pleasing to curl up with a good book in front of a nice warm fireplace, but that’s not happening today. I am with a group of college students on a geology field trip. This is the only day we have for his hike, so forget the fireplace and the creature comforts, and pass me my warm coat and rain gear. We headed out… hoping for the...

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