Presentation Topics

The following presentation topics cover several major areas of creation teaching and study. AOI speakers each offer their own variation on these general presentations. In addition, our speakers all have their unique specialties that they have researched in-depth and created presentations on (see each speaker’s individual page for more). Browse here to get an idea of what we offer, or take a look at the speaker pages for more detailed information.



Intro to Creation/Evolution

In this presentation, AOI speakers will clearly and simply present the so-called “Proofs of Evolution” and show how those are truly not “Proofs” at all. This presentation deals with the basics to the Creation-Evolution debate including how your worldview affects the way you look at the world and how you interpret scientific evidences. AOI speakers will flesh out why this topic is important and how it is relevant to our faith in God even including consequences of wrong thinking.


Design – Animals

This presentation is a blast of fun and entertaining descriptions of God’s design that is evident within the world. These designs presented, mostly in the animal realm, clearly could not have evolved as has been proposed by evolutionists. These designs within nature clearly point to an intelligent and loving Creator and they inspire us to give God the glory and praise.



Over the past few hundred years, there have been tremendous fossil discoveries and many more are undoubtedly waiting untouched within the rocks all around us. In this presentation, AOI speakers will share what different scientists expect to find based on their assumptions about the fossils and the history of the Earth. From relevant fossil discoveries, there are numerous examples of stasis between the animal buried in rock and the animal living today – evidence that evolution has not occurred. Throughout this presentation, the audience will learn how fossils have formed and that the supposed “evolutionary transitional forms” (including “human ancestors”) have often been hoaxed or are still missing from the fossil record therefore giving no evidence of evolution.


Flood – Geology – Radiometric Dating

This presentation shows example after example of evidences that stack up to confirm the truth of the worldwide flood as is recorded in the Bible. The worldwide flood was a significant event in the course of human history, though many try to deny that it took place as the Bible says that it did. From geology, we see clear evidence of tremendous geologic and volcanic activity that has occurred (even recently) and has happened very quickly, which is completely contrary to the typical long-age perspectives of geology. There is compelling evidence that Radiometric Dating Methods are not as accurate as long-age believers will claim.



Relive your childhood fascination with in-depth teaching on dinosaurs answering some of the most common questions like: “When did the dinosaurs live?” “Did dinosaurs live alongside humans?” “How did the dinosaurs die?” In this presentation, AOI speakers will share what the Bible says about dinosaurs and also look into sources of ancient and even recent history to understand cultural traditions regarding dragons. Recent evidence will also be presented to show that dinosaurs could not have lived millions of years ago as is commonly taught.


Genesis 1-11

Many people, even Christians, believe that Genesis 1-11 is more about good morals and meaning than it is a true historical account, because the millions and billions of years have been presented as scientific fact and thus many people have compromised the Bible with Science. AOI speakers, by teaching nearly verse-by-verse, will show that a literal, plain reading of Gen 1-11 is a logical perspective. The first eleven chapters of Genesis lay a foundation for God’s Word and lay out many of the Bible’s main doctrines. Gen 1-11 covers the Creation of the world, the corruption and consequences of sin, the worldwide flood, and the history and dispersion of mankind around the Earth to which leads succinctly into the rest of the Bible. If one doesn’t believe that Genesis 1-11 is true, then what else can they not believe or reinterpret in the Bible.


Biblical History and Reliability

Can you really trust the Bible? All of it? There are many critics and skeptics that try to dispute the truth and purity of the Bible, but there is a lot of evidence that clearly supports the truth and reliability of the Bible. Through this presentation, you will learn how the Bible is confirmed and supported as a tremendous work of ancient history due to the incredible amount of preserved manuscripts. You will also see how modern archaeology and recent discoveries are continually confirming the Bible. Fulfilled prophecies and statistics even factor in to heap up further evidence of the truth of the Bible.



“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.” (Ps 19:1, KJV) There are many aspects within astronomy (as well as Biology, Geology, and Anthropology) that confirm the truth of God’s Word rather than old-earth perspectives. This presentation clearly shows that there are many evidences that don’t line up with the old-age assumptions. Through this presentation, learn more about the power and majesty of God.


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