Discover Creation Costa Rica Christian Tour

10 Beautiful Days in March 2022!

An Unforgettable Tour!

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This Creation tour, offered by Alpha Omega Institute, is not your ordinary “tourist” trip. Not only will you see many popular sights that nobody would want to miss, but since we take a smaller transport bus, it allows you to be taken off the beaten track to experience the real Costa Rica with its volcanoes, beautiful rainforest environments and amazingly colorful exotic birds that many bird watchers long to see. You will get plenty of Creation teaching while you soak in the wonders of our awesome Creator! Marvel at tropical mammals, fish, reptiles, large numbers of hummingbirds, and amazing butterflies such as the Blue Morpho which defies evolutionary explanations and point to the amazing wisdom of our Creator! You will say, “This is why I came to Costa Rica!”

Enjoy a safe aerial tram over rainforests OR as an option, ZIP-Line it!; take a fabulous boat trip to explore some intriguing mangrove swamps; explore the underwater world as you snorkel at the famous Caño Island; see fabulous waterfalls; relax at postcard-picture beaches; hike in the fabulous Corcovado National Park to view wildlife and amazing exotic trees. This area is on the bucket list even of native Costa Ricans.


An experienced Costa Rican guide will accompany us on the entire trip to supply us with fascinating information and point out what most of us would miss without that expertise. Our guide and local others guides will help you find the exotic birds and see several species of monkeys, coatimundis, sloths, iguanas, land and sea turtles, crocodiles, boars and tapirs.

Cost: $2690 per person (Note: This is the 2020 pricing. The 2022 pricing could vary.) What is included?

  • Most expenses including ALL meals and high-quality hotels with private baths!
  • Transportation in the country including airport/hotel transfers.
  • Entrance fees to National Parks and other sites, bus, boat transportation, tram costs.
  • Experienced and professional bilingual Naturalist Guide
  • Native Costa Rican tour coordinator to keep things running smoothly
  • Veteran Creation speakers as additional guides
  • Tips (These can mount up to a great expense for tourists, but we even have them covered.)

costa rica tucan beach

What is not covered?

  • Air travel to/from San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Trip cancellation insurance (recommended)
  • Snacks, alcoholic beverages
  • Country Exit tax (likely included in airline ticket)

Daily Itinerary

Below is a detailed itinerary for the tour. Scroll through and click on the arrows for each day’s schedule.   *Subject to change, if necessary.*

Day 1 – Arrive in San Jose

Arrive early at Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) in San Jose where your Adventure Host will transport you to your first night’s lodging hotel. Our first official activity is our welcome and a great professionally catered dinner starting at 6:30 PM at the hotel. This is followed by a tour overview and special Creation program.  Hint: Get there early so that you do not miss anything.  (Let us know if you wish us to book an extra day for you at the same hotel on the night before check-in. We will recommend things you can do to kick-start your Costa Rica experience.) Your hotel is next to a shopping center for anything you might need.

Lodging: City Express Hotel (2 nights)

City Express Hotel

Day 1-2 – City Express Hotel  city-express

costa rica water and butterfly

Day 2 – Poás Volcanic National Park, Peace Waterfall, Butterfly Gardens and Zoo

Breakfast at hotel.  Our bus departs bright and early to visit Poás (volcano) National Park and Peace Waterfall Gardens. See lush green farmland and countryside on the way to the top of the Poás volcano. At Peace Waterfall Gardens, you will not only enjoy a series of amazing waterfalls, but also a hummingbird sanctuary, beautiful and exotic flower gardens, a butterfly garden where you can see the evolution-defying Blue Morpho, a popular zoo with reptiles, big cats (including jaguars), monkeys, etc. Kids and adults will catch trout here too. Our lunch will be a great buffet in the midst of the gardens. After returning to your hotel in San Jose you will enjoy another special dinner and program. By this time, you may already wish you had brought plenty of extra camera memory cards!

Lodging: City Express Hotel 

City Express Hotel

Day 1-2 – City Express Hotel city-express

Day 3– Irazu Volcano, Amazing Mountain Scenery in route to the Quetzal and Hummingbird Paradise

Irazu is the tallest active volcano in Costa Rica. It offers amazing views of a volcanic crater and the layers resulting from past eruptions. This is Dave’s favorite volcano to visit! Today you will see fabulous over-the –mountain scenery as we head onward to the Coto Brus area to what we call the Quetzal and Hummingbird  Paradise.

Lodging: Paraiso de Quetzales

Paraiso de Quetzales

Day 3 – Lodging at Paraiso de Quetzales

Day 4 – Quetzal Quest and Hummingbirds Galore, Onward to La Amistad.

The early bird sees the most birds!  Go on an early bird watch with your guides to see some of the many birds Costa Rica is famous for. This is one of those places that bird watchers from around the world come to see the famous Quetzal. After returning to the hotel for breakfast, make sure you tour the hotel property for some amazing hummingbird photos. As we head for Amistad, look for evidence of major water movement which defy traditional geologic explanations.

Lodging: La Amistad (2 nights)

La Amistad

Day 4-5 – Lodging at La Amistad

Day 5 – Las Tablas, Coffee Plantation and Chelita Farm

After breakfast at La Amistad, you jump in the excursion 4-wheel drive vehicles heading high up to another protected area (reserve) called Las Tablas.  Expect to add hundreds more photos to your already full camera card. We will visit a very remote farm which grows the famous passion fruit before heading down the mountain for a fabulous lunch.  After lunch, visit the coffee processing facilities and see lush production on the Chelita Farm. The hacienda you are on has elevations from 4,100 to 7,218 feet (1,250 to 2,200 m). It includes thousands of acres of rain forest within the Las Tablas Protected Zone. On the Pacific slope of the Talamanca Mountains, Las Tablas was declared part of the Amistad Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations and a World Heritage site by UNESCO for its rich biodiversity. Sixty percent of the flora and fauna in Costa Rica is thought to exist here.

Lodging: La Amistad

(We sure hope you still have camera memory left!)

La Amistad

Day 4-5 – Lodging at La Amistad

Day 6 – Wilson Botanical Gardens, Boat tour of Mangrove swamps, and the remote Drake Bay.

By this point, you are probably thinking this tour couldn’t get better. But it just did! Today is certainly a day you won’t forget. After breakfast, we head to the famous Osa Penninsula and to the Sierpe-Corcovado area. On the way we see giant stone spheres sculpted by the ancient natives of Costa Rica – an archaeological marvel. Soon after, we leave behind our bus and proceed by boat to Drake Bay from Sierpe through amazing mangrove swamps along the river route. You will arrive at our Hotel on Drake Bay on the Pacific Ocean where we will spend 2 nights. The beauty here will be permanently etched on your memory.

Lodging: Rancho Corcovado (2 nights)

Rancho Corcovado

Day 6-7 – Lodging at Rancho Corcovado

Day 7 – Guided Experience in Corcovado National Park + Snorkeling Cano Island OR Ocean Fishing.

You think the days before were unforgettable? You are now in an area that is on the bucket list of many Costa Ricans! Relax and soak in the beauty or take in more adventure as your guides give you a tour of a section of the Corcovado National Park area with a fabulous beach.  This is a photographer’s paradise located on the remote Osa Peninsula. This area of Costa Rica is considered by many to be the most bio-diverse place on Earth boasting more biodiversity than the entire United States! It is home to over 400 bird species, 140 mammals, and a whopping 500 tree species. The Osa Penninsula lays claim to being the most unspoiled costal rain forest in Central America and is also home to the gorgeous Scarlet and Blue Macaws – fabulous birds to photograph. After lunch, take our boat to the Isla Del Caño Biological Preserve located on a small island about 12 miles off the coast. The Preserve has some of the best snorkeling in Costa Rica with hundreds of tropical fish, eels, rays, and even an occasional sea turtle or small shark. This is an underwater paradise for you to enjoy God’s awesome Creation!  For those who want to land some great ocean fishing, choose this option. This was added this year after seeing great success last year.

Lodging: Rancho Corcovado

Rancho Corcovado

Day 6-7 – Lodging at Rancho Corcovado

Day 8 – Enjoy the 2nd Boat tour through Mangrove Swamps - Then head to Punta Leona beaches.

After breakfast, we launch our boat again to view more Mangrove swamps, birds, and wildlife.  We meet our bus to visit the Spheres, and then continue to drive along the gorgeous Pacific coast of Costa Rica past beautiful post card-perfect scenery and beaches! Our destination is north of Jacó to the Punta Leona resort and beaches. You will check into your hotel and spend the afternoon relaxing and soaking in the sun and the sand.  Expect fabulous sunset pictures over the ocean. You will also “feast” your eyes on their wonderful buffet!

Lodging: Punta Leona Hotel (2 Nights)

Punta Leona Hotel

Day 8-9 – Lodging at Punta Leona Hotel

Day 9 – Aerial Tram or Zip Line, and Jaco - Punta Leona Beach.

After your breakfast buffet, we head to and experience a must do and safe aerial tram adventure tour and for the more adventurous, we added the option of a Zipline down the mountain on 10 cables, five of them over 656 feet (200 meters) long . You will not only experience the forest canopy from above, but will also have breath-taking views. Afterwards, we leisurely visit the tramway’s butterfly, botanical, and reptile gardens. After lunch at the Tram restaurant, we continue back to our hotel at Punta Leona for more relaxing and beach time. spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and soaking in the sun and beach-combing. If the tide is low enough, you will see an amazingly large assemblage of fossil shells.

Lodging: Punta Leona Hotel

Punta Leona Hotel

Day 8-9 – Lodging at Punta Leona Hotel

costa rica flower iguana beach

Day 10 – Crocodile viewing,

Gift Shop, More scenery on way to San Jose, Special Evening and Dinner. View large crocodiles from a safe spot and then proceed toward San Jose through a lot of great scenery. Our lunch spot will be at one of the best gift shops around. After freshening up at the hotel, a special evening with dinner is planned.

Lodging : City Express 

City Express

Day 10 – Lodging at City Express


costa rica discover creation flower



(Note: This is the 2020 pricing. The 2022 pricing could vary.)

Adult:  $2690. Prices given are for double occupancy. For single occupancy, please contact AOI.  Be advised that, because this tour is during the high season, prices for later registrations may vary. We will let you know before we finalize your registration if that should need to happen.

Children (7-14): $1990 (in same room as parents)

These prices include ALL meals and hotels (3-Star or better), transportation in the country including airport/hotel transfers, boat transportation, tram costs, and entrance fees to National Parks and all other sights. It also includes an experienced and professional bilingual Naturalist Guide and a Native Costa Rican tour coordinator who will accompany us to keep things running smoothly, as well as veteran Creation speakers and guides, Dave & Mary Jo Nutting. All tips are included. (These can be a great expense for tourists, but we have chosen to cover them.)

Download the 2020 Creation Vacation Registration Form and call the AOI Office at (970) 523-9943.

Payment Schedule

This tour is limited, so we recommend that you register as soon as possible to reserve your place. Down payment of $1000/per person is due at the time of registration. The balance is due by Jan 17, 2022. Call AOI at 970-523-9943 Tuesday-Friday (9 AM – 5 PM) to register.

For a printable version of this information, see the Discover Creation Costa Rica Adventure PDF. A printout of this document would be a great way to present this trip as a gift to a loved one this Christmas!

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*Note: The sites, activities, and the hotels that have been reserved for this tour are rated as 3-Star or better — all with very good ratings. We reserve the right to substitute a hotel or add additional housing of as close to comparable value as possible if the need arises due to booking issues or for other reasons which are deemed best by the tour coordinators.

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