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About Alpha Omega Institute

Mission Statement:

Alpha Omega Institute is an educational organization dedicated to teaching the Biblical and scientific evidence of creation throughout the world.

Society is in the midst of great cultural confusion. The church and family are under attack and our children and youth are constantly challenged by opposing worldviews and moral decay. Evolution is presented as “scientific fact” virtually everywhere, causing young and old alike to question Biblical values and faith. Alpha Omega Institute exists to provide solid answers to the real questions students and adults are asking.

AOI was established in 1984 under the direction of Dave and Mary Jo Nutting. Today AOI is a worldwide educational outreach dedicated to strengthening Christians and reaching others by teaching the truth about science, exposing the problems of evolutionary worldviews, and defending the accuracy of the Bible beginning with the Creation Account in Genesis.

AOI helps people of all ages:

  • Discover answers to questions about evolution, creation, and the Bible.
  • Understand the foundational importance of Genesis to Christian doctrine.
  • Recognize evolutionary bias and its effects on society.
  • Stand firm and defend their faith with boldness, gentleness, and confidence.

AOI offers educational programs in a variety of formats for children, youth, and adults. Our speakers are passionate about their message and their illustrated presentations are fast-paced, informative, fun, and understandable.

  • Discover Creation Seminars and Events (for adults, youth, and families)
  • Children’s Ministry (VBS, AWANA, camps, etc.)
  • Discover Creation Adventures — “Vacations with a Purpose” (family camps, youth camps, and tours)
  • Discover Creation Training Institute (DCTI – unique one-year opportunity)
  • Public, Christian, Homeschool, and University Programs
  • Missions and International Outreach

AOI also provides a variety of informative print and media resources for children, youth, and adults.

  • Website with Blog, Creation Nuggets, and hundreds of useful Articles
  • FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube!
  • Think & Believe Newsletter (with Archives for the past 30+ years)
  • Kid’s Think & Believe Too! Newsletter (with Archives)
  • Discover Creation DVD Series with Study Guide (for youth & adults)
  • Discover Creation Children’s Adventure (for VBS, Camps, Homeschools, etc.)
  • Online Store with a variety of high quality Creation Resources

Alpha Omega Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, supported by tax-deductible donations from like-minded individuals. Donations are greatly needed and appreciated!

What We Believe

About Our Speakers and Presentations

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