The IFCA National Youth Convention

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  In June, I had the opportunity to teach at the IFCA National Youth Convention which was held on the Appalachian Bible College campus.  Over 370 youth (junior and senior high students), from 30+ churches, attended the conference.  Each year the convention seems to grow just a little more.  This is a good sign since the convention is focused on training youth to be more involved in the church.  The competition was fierce, but in a godly way.  The final Bible knowledge...

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Who are the Marianis?

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  Hello AOI Followers, we are new on staff at AOI and we wanted to introduce ourselves in our first blog post. We are Brian and Aimee Mariani and here are our brief testimonies of how God has worked in our lives in exciting ways and brought us to this position at AOI! That is actually a picture of us jumping into service with AOI at a Creation Boot Camp at Camp Redcloud during the last week of June. Brian: Hey guys, first off, I grew up in Bloomington, Illinois and was...

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Smoke in Camp

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  Mary Jo & I were recently conducting a Creation Action Boot Camp at Camp Redcloud. One day in each camp is set aside for an all day group activity – this time we chose a hike up 14,000+  foot Redcloud Peak. When we got there at the beginning of the week, a fire was raging on the other side of the ridge from Camp Redcloud. At least this ridge is the continental divide which has sufficient altitude to put it above tree line. This was a great barrier to keep us safe...

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Dinosaurs at DIA

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  Pioneer Bible Camp just continued to get better.  The campers were just getting started and began asking even more questions.   I believe in part because I took the time to partake in some of their activities. A wise man I knew from Minnesota once said, “people do not care what you know until they know that you care.”  How true! Most of the counselors attending Pioneer Bible Camp are from Bible schools and colleges.  It was an encouragement to dialogue with the...

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  One might ask us “Why?” WHY would you drive 2 hours and 113 miles through a desert in the heat of the afternoon – throw your bags in a motel room, grab a quick bite to eat – and continue on for another 21 miles (1 hour) up a rough, although paved, pot-hole filled, narrow, steep mountain road, dodging the grazing and meandering cattle all the way – and then carrying on 6 more miles on a wash-boarded, teeth rattling, gravel, dusty road? WHY would you set your...

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Learning to Trust

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  What is it like to climb to the top of a 130’ cliff, get hooked into your belay rope, lean backwards and step off the edge for the first time? If you are anything like me, or most of our campers, you feel more than a bit of apprehension and a lot of adrenalin flowing! After all, it’s not natural to step backwards off a cliff and “walk” down the face of a mountain, even if you are “on belay!” Here at the Creation Action Boot Camp, our campers are having a wonderful...

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Time well spent at CHEC

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  Sue and I had a wonderful time again this year in hosting a booth and teaching workshops at the CHEC home school convention in Denver.  It is truly a place where old friends meet, as well as a place to find new ones.  Year after year we have the privilege to fellowship with former Twin Peak and Camp Redcloud alumni, parents who are interested in building a solid foundation for their children in science and Scripture, and some parents who are just curious about our...

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“Creationist for Life”

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  So many times, Mary Jo & I run into high school or university students who had attended church but now have rejected Christianity and the Bible because of evolutionary teaching. Some have become quite weakened in their faith and have begun to embrace evolution, even though they may not have dumped their faith altogether (yet). In the last couple of years, we have talked to several students who were on the verge of doing just that. Not too long ago, we heard from...

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Encouragement For Pastors…much needed

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  Black Hills Ministries of Hot Springs, SD, just hosted its first conference for pastors/missionaries needing a time of encouragement and Christian fellowship. Its founders, Pastor Phil and Charlotte Shively and Darren and Becky Deford, who are also on staff with Cornerstone Bible Institute, have this dream to help pastors and missionaries who are overworked, burning out, or having difficulties in the ministry, and desperately need a time of rest and relaxation....

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Cornerstone Bible Institute Graduation

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  I had the honor of giving the Cornerstone Bible Institute commencement address for our daughters’ (Claudia and Abby) graduation in Hot Springs, SD.  It was a lovely day, and graduation went very well.  The girls’ old friend, Eugene the Lion, showed up to congratulate the graduates.  Of course, Abby and Claudia sank deep in their chairs when they discovered that Eugene was there.  They have fond memories of Eugene and traveling with the Johnsons as we...

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Sands of Time

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  Sometimes I am reminded about how long we have been in the Creation ministry. A few weeks ago, I was teaching for Master Plan Ministries (MPM) at their weekly TNL (Tuesday Night Live) meeting on the campus of Colorado Mesa University. They begin the evening with about a half-hour of praise and worship, followed by announcements, and then a time of teaching. After the praise and worship time, the worship leader approached me and inquired if I remembered his parents....

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Plan ‘B’

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Inclement weather almost kept us away from a pastor’s conference we were to teach, in north central Nebraska last week. The morning began with rain, which soon turned to sleet, progressing to heavy wet snow. We only had 60 miles to travel, but the roads were quickly covered with snow and ice, coupled with a driving blizzard-like wind. Because of pulling a 31 foot trailer, we were able to only creep along at 35 miles per hour, plowing through occasional snowdrifts, to...

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