A Close Call

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  It is good to be writing this blog — especially on THIS computer. Let me explain. Mary Jo and I were speaking on creation at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. After our time there, and a very late dinner followed by a 1.5 hour drive back to the home where we were staying, we arrived about 1:30 in the morning. I had just dropped into bed at 2 AM when Mary Jo asked if I had packed her laptop computer. It was not in her bag. I told her I didn’t, but as I...

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Great Job, Sam

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  In one of my last blogs (Presentations at the University) about the university programs in Illinois and Minnesota, I mentioned that I had an interview with a student reporter from the campus newspaper (Minnesota State University at Mankato). I said in that earlier blog, “. . . but you never know about the objectivity of the reporter as well as his editor.  Sometimes there is accurate reporting while at other times —  well, sometimes, I can’t even recognize what they...

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On the Lighter Side

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  Kids have told us a lot of humorous things over the years. Two of our favorites: After a family seminar where we had talked about dinosaurs, a young girl about 7 years old came up to my wife and told her that she knew what happened to the dinosaurs (in reference to why they went extinct). “My girl horse doesn’t like our boy horse, so she can’t have a baby. So I think the girl dinosaurs just didn’t like the boy dinosaurs!”    On a recent occasion, I had just asked an...

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He Sets Our Schedule

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  A friend of mine from Houston, TX, whom I had not seen for twelve years, called and informed me that he had found some cheap airline fares from Denver to Houston on the web.  He wanted to see if I would be interested in flying to Houston and teach, if he purchased the tickets.  I replied, “sure, go for it!”  He then let me know he would set up the teaching schedule for the trip. On arrival, he relayed the problems that accompanied the planning of the...

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Presentations at the University

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  As you can see from the picture of the poster, Mary Jo and I were recently at Minnesota State University at Mankato. The presentations started last Tuesday evening, I also spent a lot of time at a booth with some college ministries (Maranatha Christian Fellowship and International Student Outreach). While there, I had a campus newspaper reporter do an interview with me. I gave a lot of good information to him, but you never know about the objectivity of the reporter...

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A Confused Visitor in Paonia…

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  Recently I taught in Paonia, CO, for a church which was trying to reach out to their community.  The seminars were held at the public library from Monday through Wednesday.  Before the seminar, I was talking with the pastor about what key topics I should teach on and other important event information.  As we talked, I discovered they had double booked their Wednesday night program.  Wednesday was also the opening night for their local AWANA ministry.  The pastor had...

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Noah’s Flood – True! – Downpour Demonstration

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  Mary Jo and I were giving a presentation at the Maranatha Christian church (U of Minnesota campus ministry) on a Wednesday night, about a week and a half ago. Thunder, lightning and a huge downpour (pictured right) lasted for the duration of the evening.  Up until then, for our university presentations here in Minnesota, we had weather that made you want to go outside and enjoy the fall weather — but certainly not that night. Once again, it seems that God was...

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Northern Lights in Minnesota

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  Between midnight and 1 AM Wednesday morning, Mary Jo & I were returning to Minneapolis from our university presentations at Duluth. God demonstrated his glory in a great display of northern lights. It was not just a single burst of light, but for many miles along the highway, the display illuminated 1/3 of the sky. The timing was great as this light show punctuated the conversation that we were having with the campus ministry leaders as we were driving. We all...

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Population Estimates – A Major Problem for Evolution

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  When Mary Jo and I were at Northern Illinois University giving Creation programs, a student asked how it was even possible that the 8 people who got off the ark could have reproduced enough offspring to account for the population during the short duration from the Flood to the Exodus, led by Moses, out of Egypt. Actually there is no issue for Biblical timeframes, but instead, population studies pose a huge issue for evolutionary assumptions. Using the average...

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An Unexpected Surprise

Posted on Sep 5, 2013 in Stepaneks from the Front | 2 comments

  I had an unexpected surprise not too long ago.  A man on a motorcycle appeared in our yard one afternoon, and I was puzzled about who he was and what he wanted.  As I was pondering, I came to the conclusion he was a friend from Nebraska… but what was he doing here?   He lived over 500 miles away!  As we exchanged greetings, he let me know that he took the risk of driving to Grand Junction so he could learn more about creation and Genesis.  We had a wonderful...

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Creation Clubs In a Town Near You?

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  We love how God, in His amazing sovereignty, directs our steps before we have any idea of what’s going to happen. We experienced that recently when we planned a last-minute trip to California to witness my two youngest brothers being baptized. We sent out some emails and contacted several people to see if there was any interest, or opportunity, to do some speaking and sharing about our work with AOI. It has been amazing to see how God has opened doors for us! One...

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Boot Camps 2014 !!

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  Many youth groups across this country are already in the midst of planning what they will do for the coming year, as well as next summer’s programs or trips. Let me make a suggestion: Plan on doing something that will help them stand firmly against the indoctrination that many of them are being exposed to in schools, museums, the media, etc. What I would specifically suggest is that you look into AOI’s 2014 Boot Camps, which are meant to fireproof a teen or college...

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