Getting Buried at the Museum

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  AOI always enjoys opportunities, with two just this past week, to give creation presentations along with museum tours of the Dinosaur Journey Museum in Fruita, CO. We have heard that this most recent tour has already had an impact on some of the participants! One was for a group of college students. The other group was a vibrant group of home educators and their children. The children really enjoyed the station where you can “dig” up dinosaur bones. Actually, as you...

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Good Morning!

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  As we were preparing for a full day of field trips, with the Jackson Hole Bible College, this was the scene in what is supposed to be warm and sunny Moab, Utah. It was still snowing! The students had just came from a pile of snow and very cold temperatures in Wyoming, so they likely think this is normal. However, they did have expectations of warmer weather and had to trade in their shorts for something warmer. We had to delay our excursion a couple of hours from...

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75 Years of Commitment

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  My parents, Irwin and Barbara Nutting, just celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. First of all, that is hardly heard of because of the age attainments necessary. Secondly, many people are amazed at 75 years because of the fact that people these days seem to drift in and out of relationships with little commitment to each other long-term. I realize that circumstances can make a marriage seem unbearable, but so many trials that cause many people to split apart,...

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In Texas …or is this Canada?

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  We thought we were heading to a warmer climate, but it appears like the plane flew in the wrong direction or they moved Texas to the middle of Canada!  Bhrrrrr… It’s cold! Fortunately, we have dodged the sections that had snow and black ice.  We have certainly been praying for clear roads! Mary Jo and I have been filling in for Richard Stepanek at speaking events he had previously scheduled with creation groups in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.  Due to his wife...

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God’s Timing is Impeccable!

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  A couple of weeks ago, I called a friend of our ministry, Don Holmes, to see if he would help spread the word regarding AOI’s family camps as well as our Creation Action Boot Camps.  These are camps which we are offering this coming summer for teens and families with teens. I knew that Don helped in connecting a lot of churches and youth groups, both in Texas and in other states, with appropriate mission and camp opportunities. I also anticipated that those youth...

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“Keep on Keeping on”

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  There is one specific New Year’s resolution that I have had for many years. It can be summed up by the words of encouragement to Mary Jo and I from a person who was deeply impacted by the creation message. She wrote, “Keep on keeping on!” Since that note almost 25 years ago, that encouragement has been on our lips and now is also on the lips of other staff at AOI. The battle for the hearts and minds of our young people is huge and it is not going away any time soon....

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Bacteria Shredding Insect Wings

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Some interesting research published a few days ago holds a huge promise for reducing incidences of bacterial infection. Wings of dragonflies and the Cicadae are constructed with ultra-microscopic-sized (nano) spires which literally shred bacteria. To read about this go to: Germ-killing nanosurface opens new front in hygiene. I always like to say that God has given us a vast array of things in nature for us to glean from in order to “invent” amazing technology that will help...

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In the Dark about Dark Matter

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  Atheist argument: “How can you believe in a so-called-god when you can’t see him/she/it even through the best Hubble telescopes?”  Clear back in 1965, after their space launches, the Russian government posted anti-god posters meant to dissuade people from believing in God. The caption at the bottom of the poster (on the right) basically says, “The bright light of science has proven there is no God.” So, the basic argument is, “If you can’t see God, He doesn’t exist.”...

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A Close Call

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  It is good to be writing this blog — especially on THIS computer. Let me explain. Mary Jo and I were speaking on creation at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. After our time there, and a very late dinner followed by a 1.5 hour drive back to the home where we were staying, we arrived about 1:30 in the morning. I had just dropped into bed at 2 AM when Mary Jo asked if I had packed her laptop computer. It was not in her bag. I told her I didn’t, but as I...

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Great Job, Sam

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  In one of my last blogs (Presentations at the University) about the university programs in Illinois and Minnesota, I mentioned that I had an interview with a student reporter from the campus newspaper (Minnesota State University at Mankato). I said in that earlier blog, “. . . but you never know about the objectivity of the reporter as well as his editor.  Sometimes there is accurate reporting while at other times —  well, sometimes, I can’t even recognize what they...

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Presentations at the University

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  As you can see from the picture of the poster, Mary Jo and I were recently at Minnesota State University at Mankato. The presentations started last Tuesday evening, I also spent a lot of time at a booth with some college ministries (Maranatha Christian Fellowship and International Student Outreach). While there, I had a campus newspaper reporter do an interview with me. I gave a lot of good information to him, but you never know about the objectivity of the reporter...

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Noah’s Flood – True! – Downpour Demonstration

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  Mary Jo and I were giving a presentation at the Maranatha Christian church (U of Minnesota campus ministry) on a Wednesday night, about a week and a half ago. Thunder, lightning and a huge downpour (pictured right) lasted for the duration of the evening.  Up until then, for our university presentations here in Minnesota, we had weather that made you want to go outside and enjoy the fall weather — but certainly not that night. Once again, it seems that God was...

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