“Being a Dad Who Leads” Book Review

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  I am now officially a father of a sweet little boy and my wife and I are loving it. He is so precious to us. We have been so blessed by the generosity of others. Normally at baby showers, you get great stuff for the baby or for the mommy, but a couple of friends gave me, the daddy, a thoughtful gift. They gave me a book entitled, “Being a Dad Who Leads” by John MacArthur. I was somewhat familiar with the author and pastor and so I was excited to dig into it, even...

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Creation Facts of Life – Book Review

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Dr. Gary Parker is one of my favorite creation authors and speakers, and I was much blessed to take several classes from him years ago at the Institute for Creation Research.  I always enjoyed his enthusiasm and his wonderful teaching style – taking complicated topics and explaining them in understandable terms – weaving together intricate details to create a fascinating “big picture” tapestry.  His unique blend of knowledge, logic, humor, humility, and “down-home” approach...

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Book Review: Darwin’s Plantation

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Was Darwin a racist?  Even though he was an abolitionist, most seem to agree that by today’s standards, he certainly held racist views.  You be the judge: The Origin of Species is subtitled The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life. A summary of some of Darwin’s points from The Descent of Man include: Humans are divided into sub-species (known as the races) Blacks and Aborigines are sub-species between Apes and Caucasians Inferior races will be driven to...

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The Genesis Flood Updates

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  The Genesis Flood was written in 1961 by Dr. Henry M. Morris and Dr. John Whitcomb and is truly a classic book. This book has had a huge impact in drawing Christians back to the Truth of the Bible with evidence derived, not only from the Biblical text itself, but also from the science of geology. However, much work has been done in the field of geology since that book was published. We have always wanted to see an update to that book. Finally, two different...

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Did the Continents Split in the Days of Peleg?

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In the Table of Nations (genealogies) recorded in Genesis 10, most names are listed without additional comment. However, when you get to verse 25, you read: “To Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided; and his brother’s name was Joktan.” What does this little phrase, “in his days the earth was divided” mean? Some Christians have suggested that it means the dividing and separating of the continents occurred during the life of...

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Fuzzy Dinosaurs

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  I received an Email from Terry Beh, who is the author of a new kid’s book on Dinosaurs which we sell at seminars. It is called T is for T.Rex – Some of Gods Most Amazing Creatures from A-Z. (Available from AOI for $20 includes shipping, just mention in the comments that you saw it here). Terry Beh mentioned, in his email, that he has just recently visited the Witte Museum in San Antonio. Currently the museum is featuring a traveling exhibit on dinosaurs. Terry...

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Did Ancient Man Hobble to America?

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[Editor’s note: Textbooks teach the evolutionary concept that ancient man was primitive. The Bible teaches that Adam and Eve’s close descendants made musical instruments, forged metal, farmed, built cities, recorded history. They did not need to slowly hobble to the Americas as they were not knucklewalking apes. Instead, they were fully human, intelligent, and creative. (Read the book which we reviewed ,”The Genius of Ancient Man,” to see just how advanced...

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The Fossil Forests of Yellowstone

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Yellowstone! The Tetons! Hot springs, bears, mudpots, hoodoos, waterfalls, and buffalo! Because of its thermal oddities and astounding geology, this area covering 3,400 square miles is like nature’s Disneyland. For creationists, it’s even better. There are so many features that cannot be accounted for by slow and gradual processes that, in some cases, even uniformitarian scientists are talking “catastrophe.” We’ve chosen a few highlights from the True North Yellowstone...

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Wager the Wild Land

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Years ago, I met Dave Harper, who would eventually become an AOI Board member. A few hours after meeting, we joined Dave and his wife Barb in a restaurant. After I offered a prayer for our lunch (which I didn’t realize until later had shaken him to the core), he riveted his attention on me and asked how I, as a geologist and a Christian, reconciled the teachings of Genesis with evolution. Dave had become a Christian a short while before, but was almost afraid to open...

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New Book: God and Stephen Hawking: Whose Design Is It Anyway?

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Dr. John Lennox, a professor of mathematics from the University of Oxford, just released a short 96 page book which challenges Stephen Hawking and his book, The Grand Design. Hawking, the very popular and “prestigious” atheist scientist, claims that the laws of physics themselves brought the Universe into being, rather than God. Lennox’s book is titled God and Stephen Hawking: Whose Design Is It Anyway? A review of this book gave the following quotes from page 32: “What all...

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Wonders of Creation Astronomy Book

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This Biblically based book by Dr. Jonathan Henry is a great introduction to the universe that will capture the attention of any budding astronomer.  Every page has color pictures with text to beautifully illustrate your journey through the universe. Henry uses a logical progression starting with what is astronomy and the overwhelming immensity of the universe.  Before the galactic tour begins, he has two very interesting chapters: “Why did God Create the Heavenly Bodies?” ...

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How Blind is the Watchmaker? – Book Review

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When I started reading How Blind Is the Watchmaker, by Neil Broom, I was strangely reminded of a cartoon.  Although I can’t remember the source, it illustrates the all-too-frequent practice of modern science.  Words like “meaning,” and “purpose,” are covered up because they go against the prevailing notions of materialism – that we exist in a vast, meaningless, cosmic machine that is driven completely by chance. Ironically, to fabricate their story, scientists can’t escape...

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