Wupatki Anasazi Ruins

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Wupatki Ruins

The Anasazi. They are called the Ancient Ones. Where did they come from? Where did they go?

Heaps of rock where villages once stood, leftover pottery, various artifacts and drawings on the rocks are all that remain. What made these ancient ones abandon their homes, farms, and villages? Was it drought? Perhaps they fled from hostile tribes – or perhaps volcanoes rained down hot material on them.

Some people think the Pueblo and Hopi Indians are their descendants. No one knows for sure, but the place is now desolate except for the park officials and the tourists.

Where did they come from? Archeologists do not know, but the Bible gives us clues. Since they were human beings, we can confidently say that they were descendents of Adam and later Noah.

After the Flood, God told the people to spread out and fill the earth, but they refused to obey and instead, built a city and a tower that was later called Babel. Then God “helped” them obey by confusing the languages and causing Noah’s descendents to spread out over the face of the earth.

So, the Anasazi were descendents of Noah that found their way from Babel to the Americas. They lived and thrived for awhile in the American southwest more than a thousand years ago. They developed farms, cities, artwork, cultural traditions, trade routes, and religious practices.

Today we find remnants of their civilization, but much of their history remains a mystery. However this much we know – they were not “primitive” ignorant savages, but intelligent human beings, descendants of Adam and Noah, trying to make a living in a difficult environment.

Dave Nutting

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