Truth Matters – Student Outreach Discussions

Truth Matters – Student Outreach Discussions

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July 16, 2024 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Alpha Omega Institute
1011 N 10th St
Grand Junction
CO 81501
Brian Mariani
Truth Matters - Student Outreach Discussions @ Alpha Omega Institute

When: Tuesdays 3-5 pm, plus free snacks!

Where: Come and Bring Friends to our space at 1011 N 10th St, Grand Junction, CO 81501.


Step 1: Get Your Free Bag of Chips and Soda! (Likely even Ice Cream!!)

Step 2: Relax, Take a Break, and Discuss Interesting Topics!


What Is It and Why?

We are a positive and open community that provides opportunities for any student to ask questions and discuss matters of culture, religion, science, and life. We like to wrestle through what we believe and why! Our specific focus is on the how to understand the intersection of Science, Religion, and Philosophy.

Let’s Talk About It! Join us!

Christians, this is a great opportunity for you to bring non-Christian friends/family and to learn to engage with people of differing beliefs!


Aug 24 – What are the biggest problems in the world today and how can we help?

Aug 31 – How do we know what is True? How do we understand the intersection of Science and Religion?

Sept 7 – What is the Meaning and Purpose of Life?

Sept 14 – Was Darwin Wrong?? – The Fossil Evidence!

Sept 21 – Does Biology Prove Evolution or Design??

Sept 28 – Geology: Billions of Years or a Massive Flood?

Oct 5 – Scott’s Experience: From the Verge of Suicide to Belief in God!

Oct 12 – Is the Bible Reliable or Trustworthy?

Oct 19 – Is God at work today? – Personal Testimonies!

Oct 26 – Morality: How do we know what is Right or Wrong?

Nov 2 – Astronomy: Evidence of the Big Bang or a Creator or Both?

Nov 9 – Is it possible? – Noah’s Flood: Fact or Fiction?

Nov 16 – The Miracle of Life – Pregnancy & Birth

Nov 23 – The Genius of Ancient Man

Dec 7 – Was there really a Christmas Star?

Dec 14 – Study Hall w/ Treats!


Contact Brian at [email protected] with any questions.

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