God at Work in our Lives!! – 2022

God at Work in our Lives!! – 2022

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2022 Staff Highlights




Dave and Mary Jo Nutting:

During our seminars, we like to see eyes light up when we expose the issues of evolution and present a positive case for Creation. However, we also thrive on the relationships fostered by longer-term camps and tours. This note was from one of the participants from our Yellowstone tour:


“Thank you again so  much! Your encouragement, listening ear, attention (and patience) with our kids, your courage and passion to share truth loudly and publicly, and your prayers for both our family and staff…mean more than I can even express. You are a tremendous blessing to us!” -SA


Does this note give you a clue as to why Mary Jo and I love camps and tours? They allow us to come alongside the participants, spend quality time with them, and deepen relationships with longer-term




Lanny and Marilyn Johnson:

A college-aged counselor at a Bible camp shared that he had gone to this camp when he was in middle school:


“The things I learned from your creation teachings that summer helped me get through the evolutionary dogma I was taught in public school and the beginning year of college. You taught me

to become a critical thinker by asking, ‘What’s the Evidence?’


Thanks so much for your ministry.”


While it was a rough summer with COVID, we saw His protection over the many miles of travel. He got us through our illnesses and trials and gave us the strength we needed to do our ministry. In fact, of the hundreds of youth and adults we shared the gospel with, 50 responded to the message of salvation! Oh, what a glorious God we serve! We cannot thank our supporters and prayer warriors enough for standing by us during challenging times! Only through our team partners can we take the truth of Creation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.”



Rich and Sue Stepanek:

2022 has been another busy year! We are thankful for good health and the many ministry opportunities the Lord continues to provide. There are several churches in Colorado that currently do not have pastors, so Rich has spent about 18 weeks filling the pulpit and sharing the Genesis message with these congregations. In addition to conducting seminar trips to FL, ID, WA, NE, and MN, Rich conducted a ZOOM class with a pastor/professor in a foreign country. Along with teaching in the area, we have traveled to homeschool conferences in Colorado and Arizona, and attended the HSLDA homeschool leadership conference in St. Louis, MO.


These are great opportunities to assist in grounding families in the Word of God! It is always a great encouragement to hear people say, “The information in the seminar answered so many questions that I have had for years!”


Your partnership with us continues to impact the world for Christ!



Scott Mauser:

One highlight again this year was the ability to teach in our local public high schools along with repeat invitations to speak to a large Best Practices Ministry conference. This year, I taught on catastrophic flood geology where one of my former pastors told me that he was impacted enough by the presentation to consider more study and thought on this subject. Another highlight was taking my middle school worldviews class to interact with a public high school group.



Brian and Aimee Mariani:

This year we had fun outside in God’s amazing creation! We really enjoyed a number of opportunities to go with students from our training week and field trips to witness to others even within some of the National Parks.


One night, I was leading a group to go fossil hunting, star gazing, and camping out. Amazingly, I was able to run my projector from our battery box to do an astronomy presentation in the middle of the desert as we watched for shooting stars and got a lightning show on the horizon! Join us on a field trip sometime and let’s reach out to those around us with God’s truths!!

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