They are talking about us…

They are talking about us…

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I thought everyone would like an update regarding the recent JHBC Spring Geology Tour.  Most everything went well except for…

Bus problems at the beginning, even before the students arrived from Wyoming, left them stranded in Baggs, Wyoming for 2 nights.  

Then, on the very last evening, one of the students found out wings would have been helpful as he fell about 10 feet off a ledge he shouldn’t have been climbing on. We were so thankful he “only” broke his arm in 2 places… rather than what could have happened. His sister says he is doing great and even began “wrangling” cows on the ranch. Please pray for complete healing! But everything in between went exceptionally well, and what better way to relate it than with the opinions of the participants.


Here are some comments that the students wrote to us about the field excursion, so you can praise the Lord with us:


“I see the world in a whole new light.”

“It really showed how I can truly trust the Bible”

“ . .. massive amounts of evidence that clearly supports the Global Flood of Noah.”

“The class and the trip both challenged me to stop and look at the earth around me as I enjoy being in it.”


“…makes me appreciate even more the unfathomable hugeness of my God.”

“I have come away with such an appreciation and reverence for God’s creation.”

“It was amazing to see how even the marks of God’s judgment bear such striking beauty.”

“It reaffirms the truth that we can have logical answers to logical questions about the world around us based upon the truth of God’s Word.” 

“It definitely helped me to understand and be able to articulate how the geology in the world evidences the Biblical flood.” 

“I have been thinking for a while about how we see a mountain or valley and respond with “that is beautiful!” even though often it really is result of God’s judgment with the flood. It was really cool to draw the connection that that is what God can do in our personal lives as well though. The thorns and thistles are turned into something beautiful!” 

“It was also very impactful for me to see Mr. and Mrs. Nutting interacting with the park rangers, as silly as this sounds. They literally lived out our memory verse (2 Tim 2:23-26) by how they were gentle and gracious and didn’t incite fruitless arguments.” 

“How perfect the memory verse was and how wonderful was your testimony.  I will always remember that…because this rock stuff I will forget by the end of the week. I love seeing how cohesive Scripture is with itself and with the world around us.” 


THANKS FOR PRAYING! You might pray that this last student will remember the “rock stuff” a bit longer! We have found that trips like these impact people in more than just head knowledge. I was impacted as well by how that young man (who had broken his arm) had, along with his sister, taken such good (always smiling), and loving care of their other sibling who was totally confined to a wheel chair throughout the trip! I expect the rest of the students were also impacted by that for life!


God Bless!



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