Strong Magnetic Fields – Naturalistic/Evolutionary Perspective

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Magnetic Fields


The earth and many other planets, and even the sun, currently retain very strong magnetic fields. Over time those magnetic fields should have weakened. Is there a phenomenon that can recharge dying magnetic fields? How are these magnetic fields formed? Are magnetic fields formed naturally or designed by God for our protection? How do the magnetic fields really affect earth? What does the evidence tell us about the age of the earth and the universe?


Naturalistic/Evolutionary Answer:

The earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old and its magnetic field is due to the movement of charged metals within the earth’s liquid outer core. This moving of charged metals will always form a magnetic field around them naturally. The earth formed with swirling currents of hot, molten rock, which simultaneously created magnetic fields associated with the swirling mass. So the earth has always had a strong magnetic field, and for that matter, magnetic fields have probably formed around most, if not all, other astronomical objects as well. The human body even has a slight magnetic field. The earth’s magnetic field has a positive impact on this planet as it shields harmful solar and celestial radiation from entering our atmosphere.

Over earth’s history, the chaotic currents are like a “dynamo” inside the earth, which is always moving and causing the magnetic field to change constantly and these “magnetic fields morph and push and pull at one another.” From ocean sediment cores and surveys and the fossil record, magnetic fields are recorded in the rocks and specifically show that the poles even occasionally flip, making the north pole the south pole and then back again. This pole reversal happens “about every 200,000 to 300,000 years, although it has been more than twice that long since the last reversal.” “Scientists estimate reversals have happened at least hundreds of times over the past three billion years,” and each reversal may take a few thousand years. Fortunately, these pole reversals don’t appear to cause environmental problems or exposure to harmful radiation , since there still is a magnetic field, it is just changing.[i]

The earth’s magnetic field has actually weakened by 10% since the 19th century, but University of California professor Gary Glatzmaier says that “the field is increasing or decreasing all the time.” “We know this from studies of the paleomagnetic record.” He also explains that that 10% is a relatively small amount of change and that “Earth’s present-day magnetic field is, in fact, much stronger than normal…twice (as much as) the million-year average.”[ii]


by Brian Mariani and others


Is the above correct? Do you evolutionists agree with this position? I have tried to write it as you believe it. Do you have any disagreements or concerns or additions?


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[i] 2012: Magnetic Pole Reversal Happens All The (Geologic) Time, November 30, 2011, NASA,, accessed November 1, 2013.

[ii] Earth’s Inconstant Magnetic Field, December 29, 2003, NASA Science, Science News,, accessed November 1, 2013.


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  1. In regard to this comment in the article: ” From ocean sediment cores and surveys and the fossil record, magnetic fields are recorded in the rocks and specifically show that the poles even occasionally flip, making the north pole the south pole and then back again.” This idea that the sediment record was laid down over billions of years directly conflicts with geologist changing view of the past; there is growing acceptance that the earth’s past has been extremely chaotic which completely agrees with a worldwide flood, rapid separation of the continents, massive ocean currents flowing helter-skelter back and forth over a year’s time and leaving the geologic record we see today. What other explanation could there be for the fine definitions of linear separation between sediment layers we see today; so if then, these layers of sediment were laid down rapidly and the varying magnetic strengths are only a record of that chaos that took place about 4000 years ago.
    If you start with the premise that geologic record is old, then you must fit that criteria with your findings; if you start with a young earth, then what I have explained makes much more sense.
    Creation science is proving the old earth theory wrong on a daily basis.

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