The Moon is dry, the evolutionary model is saved. Oops, maybe not. Never mind again

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In 2008, a shocking discovery was announced.

Scientists had analyzed some lunar soils that Apollo astronauts had brought back from the Moon over 30 years earlier.

They found that the soils contained traces of water. Not only that, the water was contained within tiny spheres of volcanic glass.

This means that there’s water deep inside the Moon, not just on the surface.

In fact, the concentration of water down there might even be comparable to the concentration of water in the Earth’s mantle.

Why was this such a shock to evolutionists? Because they believe that the Moon formed billions of years ago, when a Mars-sized planet smashed into the Earth.

According to this ‘giant impact’ idea, the Moon formed from the debris produced by this collision. However, if the giant impact idea were true, the Moon could have no water in its interior today.

It all would have been vaporized during the collision.

Nevertheless, we now know the Moon contains water.

This discovery caused a lot of consternation. The giant-impact model is the consensus view among evolutionary astronomers today.

And since all the other evolutionary stories about the Moon’s origin were disproved long ago, disproving the giant-impact idea too would leave evolutionists with no explanation for the Moon’s origin.

Unsurprisingly, some evolutionists are fighting back. A recent article [3] in New Scientist was entitled, “Chlorine study suggests moon is dry after all.”

The authors of this study measured the amount of chlorine in lunar rocks. They then made a series of assumptions about why the chlorine was there, and finally concluded that the Moon’s interior was bone-dry.

You could almost hear their sighs of relief.

But what about those inconvenient lunar soils that contain water?

No problem.

As the article explained, these soils must be “very unusual.” They must not be representative of the Moon overall.

No doubt many evolutionists were comforted by this explanation. But the comfort was short-lived, because another study was done, which confirmed the presence of water by examining a different mineral (apatite) in lunar rocks.

NASA announced the results in an article [4] titled:

Research Suggests Water Content of Moon’s Interior Underestimated.”

It began:

“NASA-funded scientists estimate from recent research that the volume of water molecules locked inside minerals in the moon’s interior could exceed the amount of water in the Great Lakes here on Earth.”


So what happens now? Will evolutionists abandon their cherished giant-impact theory?

Don’t hold your breath. The lack of alternatives would be too embarrassing for the billions-of-years model.

Therefore, as evidence for lunar water accumulates, I expect the giant impact idea will be modified to accommodate it.

Evolutionists claim to be believers in science. But often, they don’t operate according to science’s rules. As problems accumulate for their models, they don’t abandon the models. They just slap on bandages instead.

We’ve seen this over and over in the Big Bang model. As evidence accumulated against it, evolutionists ‘solved’ the problems by inventing the idea of cosmic inflation (an idea with no physical basis).

As problems accumulated with inflation, they ‘solved’ them with speculations about new particles and string theory.

Most recently, as new evidence accumulated against the Big Bang overall, the new problems were ‘solved’ by declaring that the Universe is filled with ‘dark energy’ — something completely unknown to science.

With all the hand-waving that goes on today in evolutionary astronomy, explaining away the water in the Moon will be child’s play.

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By Spike Psarris

as originally published in

CREATION ASTRONOMY NEWS – November 2010 (sign up for the newsletter at his website)

reprinted with permission from the author.

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