Mockers and Scoffers

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Reflecting on our past trip to Minnesota, I still find myself troubled by the response of 2 students at one of the universities. These 2 young women sat right up front with smirks on their faces through most of the presentation, often turning to one another to comment. During the Q&A time and our time one-on-one with them afterwards, things didn’t improve. They continued in an arrogant, mocking spirit. It seems they were completely impervious to any of the points...

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Ministering at Wayne State College

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This summer at a Bible Camp, the assistant director shared with us, ” … your teachings blew me away … they have totally changed my life.” ( Changing Lives –  August 30, 2011) The young man then invited us to come and share with the Campus Crusade ministry he is involved with at Wayne State College. Thursday night this last week, we were able to share with this group. Because of an upcoming event, the room the ministry normally uses on campus was not available,...

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Getting Into a Public School

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It is a very rare occurrence these days, but I was recently able to teach in a public school. Why I say rare – this is only the 4th school I have been allowed to teach in within the past 5 years. A few years ago, when the Intelligent Design group began trying to get their ideas taught in the public school system, the evolutionary “world” became very nervous. The ACLU and NEA (National Education Association) teamed up to make a concerted effort to...

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Missing Our Atheist Friends

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We were at DeKalb, IL, for 4 nights of speaking at Northern Illinois University. We have spoken at this university each fall for the past several years. Traditionally, these meetings have been heavily attended by students claiming to be atheists, agnostics, or skeptics, and the Q&A time has sometimes become quite animated. Attendance this year was markedly down, and most in attendance were already Christians with some honest seekers. Probably a major part of the reason...

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News from Costa Rica

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We recently received a prayer and praise report from Scott Leisner, a missionary friend serving in Costa Rica. It was a good reminder to pray for him and his family as they minister to students on the campus of the University of Costa Rica, as well as to students from several other universities and schools. We have been blessed to join Scott in ministry twice in Costa Rica. Each time has been an eye-opening experience. Costa Rica is a beautiful and diverse country, but also...

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A Very Scientific Mind

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“Why do you have to teach creation?” This was a question a lady posed to us, after we shared with her what our ministry involved. We explained that we “have” to teach Biblical Creation because most children are only taught evolution in the public school system. She acknowledged that evolution is taught in the schools, but didn’t see why that was a problem. “I am a Christian,” she declared. “But I also have a very scientific...

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Economic Crunch

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This last week we were to teach at the 3rd camp at IdRaHaJe, working with High school age campers. Unfortunately, one of the groups that normally bring youth in from Utah had to cancel because of economics … fuel prices are just too high. Just before we headed out the door to return up to the camp, after a short 2 days home between camps, the director called with the news that they had to cancel the High school camp for financial reasons. Since we had to return to the camp...

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Camp IdRaHaJe West – Week 2

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Marilyn and I spent another week at Camp IdRaHaJe West above Paonia, CO. This week we taught Creation to the Middle School Camp (6th – 9th Grade) of 60 campers, 12 counselors, and numerous other staff. We had another very exciting week. As at the Junior Camp, we had a mixture of church-going kids, non-churched kids, and kids coming from churches where the Bible is not taught. The Holy Spirit was really evident at this camp …we had 30 campers put their faith and trust in...

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Camp IdRaHaJe West

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Marilyn and I spent last week at Camp IdRaHaJe West above Paonia, CO., where we taught Creation to a Junior Camp (2nd – 6th Grade) of 56 campers, 12 counselors, and numerous other staff. IdRaHaJe stands for I’d Rather Have Jesus. It was an exciting week, where we had the blessing of being able to teach two 1 ½ hour chapels a day. The campers were very enthusiastic … they were actually running to chapel, and coming 10 to 15 minutes early! After the first chapel, some...

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Training Week in Springfield, MO

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We just got home from leading a Creation Training Week in Springfield, MO. Despite thunderstorms, tornado warnings, and high winds, the week went extremely well. Ten people participated in the training. We were much encouraged by their interest in creation teaching, the quality of their presentations, the depth of discussion, and the great times of fellowship. We started doing intensive Creation Training Weeks back in 2006, to help individuals deepen their knowledge and...

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Ducking the Tornadoes

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Mary Jo & I are in Springfield, Missouri, right now conducting a week of creation training. To get here, we drove right through Joplin, Missouri, less than 2 hours before it was devastated by the huge tornado. A third of the city of Joplin was hit hard as you have seen on TV news reports. There are still 750 or more people missing with 122 reported fatalities. (Pray for those families!) Had we not gotten on the road much earlier than we anticipated on Sunday, we would...

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Raising Up Faithful Men to Preach

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This was my fourth time to travel to India teaching creation.  The spiritual hunger I observed was  greater than all previous trips.  Many have been taught evolution and have compromised Scripture with this philosophy.  Once they realize the fallacies of evolution, and Genesis is true history, a burden was lifted and you could see the joy arise in their faces.  Many truly understood the importance of this message and some are eager to teach this message to others.  We are...

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