Who are the Marianis?

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  Hello AOI Followers, we are new on staff at AOI and we wanted to introduce ourselves in our first blog post. We are Brian and Aimee Mariani and here are our brief testimonies of how God has worked in our lives in exciting ways and brought us to this position at AOI! That is actually a picture of us jumping into service with AOI at a Creation Boot Camp at Camp Redcloud during the last week of June. Brian: Hey guys, first off, I grew up in Bloomington, Illinois and was...

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In One Sentence

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  After a 3 hour drive through a hot desert and up a narrow winding mountain road, we arrived at a campground in the Manti-LaSalle National Forest, near Moab, Utah. We were to meet a youth group that was from the Salt Lake City area. We circled around the campground looking for the group, but were unable to find them, so we stopped at the campground host station to see if they had checked in yet. The host was a very friendly man, who informed us that, yes the group was...

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Assault on Academic Freedom

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  The photo is of the Shafer Bell Tower at Ball state University. At this moment, some radical atheists are hoping that any sound that might be coming out of it might be a toll on academic freedom that challenges evolutionary dogma. World Magazine reported June 18th that one of Ball State’s untenured faculty members, Assistant Professor Dr.  Eric Hedin, “crossed a line when he encouraged classroom discussion that included multiple views of life’s origins.” That got...

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“Creationist for Life”

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  So many times, Mary Jo & I run into high school or university students who had attended church but now have rejected Christianity and the Bible because of evolutionary teaching. Some have become quite weakened in their faith and have begun to embrace evolution, even though they may not have dumped their faith altogether (yet). In the last couple of years, we have talked to several students who were on the verge of doing just that. Not too long ago, we heard from...

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Here We Go Again!

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  Yep, here we go again. Mary Jo & I are in Texas for a homeschool conference. Yesterday morning, we were in Waco, Texas, heading for San Antonio.  Can you believe it, a big tornado was hitting just north of us.  One system was heading for Waco.  A thunderstorm nearby had dropped hail ice balls the size of a soft ball —  that is 4 inches in diameter.   The picture is what I snapped off of the TV report. Sure hope these storms don’t hit any closer! Reminds me...

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A Primary Intent….To Reach The Lost

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  As I reflected on my last speaking trip to California, a couple of thoughts stood out in my mind. A pastor from Eureka, CA, asked if I did debates or if I was, instead,  just interested in teaching on a university campus.  I informed him that I was not interested in debates, but I was interested in teaching and dialoging about scientific ideas. The primary reason I hate debates is that people who disagree with my ideas, on the origin of life and the universe, are not...

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Geology Field Trip 2013

Geology Field Trip 2013

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  Once again, I’m with another group of energetic and fun-loving Bible college students from Jackson, Wyoming, on a geology field trip for the better part of 2 weeks (24 students and 15 staff).  Some of these high energy students (usually the guys) like to climb on anything they find, and showoff how close they can get to the edge. As you can see from the picture below, that could be a deadly mistake. Sandstone tends to be undercut. If one would walk out to the edge...

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Creation in Mexican Drug and Rehab Centers

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  Two of the locations where Mary Jo & I had opportunity to speak while in Mexico last month were at drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Both of these facilities were “lock up” facilities, meaning that the people in there were not allowed to leave. These centers were last chance facilities in lieu of actually being put in prison. In other words, we had a captive audience for the creation and Gospel message. Of course, while we were there, we were also locked...

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Creation in Mexico

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  Mary Jo & I are “on vacation,” but, as you can see, we are in the midst of speaking on Creation vs. Evolution at several locations in Mexico. (What better thing to do on vacation? And yes, we will get some good R&R time!) On the right is Mary Jo giving evidence for creation and the problems with evolution through our Spanish translator to a group of 75 people who have congregated to hear about this issue on a Saturday afternoon. I wonder how many in the...

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“Portraits” from a University Campus

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  Presenting creation programs on a university campus brings out a variety of students with different backgrounds, different perspectives, and different motivations for coming. It’s quite a challenge to meet these varying needs in one presentation. That’s why we are glad for the Q&A time and one-on-one time before and after the presentations. Here are some “portraits” from just 2 nights of recent university presentations:   Twenty-year old history major – grew...

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Be like an Aspen Leaf

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Good friends of ours were visiting with us recently. While up on the Grand Mesa, she was walking and praying in a beautiful area with a lot of beautiful Quaking Aspen trees. Quaking Aspens derive its name from the fact that the leaves quiver at the slightest breeze. Her prayer that morning was that she and all of her household, as well as the families at AOI, would be like the Aspen, and that we would be sensitive to the slightest movement of the spirit of God, going in...

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Junior Rodeo Bible Camp

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Following the Senior Rodeo Bible Camp and the Pee-Wee Rodeo Bible Camp in Johnstown, NE., Marilyn and I were able to teach for three more days at the Junior Camp (ages 10 to 12 years old). These kids, like the kids of the other two camps, were very serious about learning new skills and improving the skills they already had. Most of the kids were in riding events of some kind, which included: Pole Bending, Barrel Racing, Break-Away Calf Roping, Calf Tying, and Goat Tying....

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