Dinosaurs: Millions of Years or Only Thousands? Creation Perspective

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Creation Answer:

Dinosaurs are yet another land animal that was created on day 6, before Adam and Eve. They were herbivores like everything was initially in the Garden before sin. Their sharp teeth could have been used to crush coconuts or melons, etc. They were still around at the time of the flood and probably two young, small representatives of each kind went on the ark. Those that did not make it on the ark were buried in the rock layers created by the flood only a little over 4000 years ago.[i]

So Dinosaurs and man lived together for a long time. Although they are highly disputed, the Paluxy river tracks show human footprints inside or next to dinosaur footprints, and if they are authentic, they are one piece of evidence of the two living together. We can assume that not much evidence may be found, because 1) humans would probably not live near/with dinosaurs…that could be a dangerous living situation, 2) “fossilization is a rare event,” and 3) humans were probably more mobile or able to swim or float for some time before perishing in the flood.[ii]

cowboys-and-QuetzalcoatlasThe Bible records descriptions of what it calls Behemoth and Leviathon, which may be a land dwelling dinosaur and a water dwelling dinosaur respectively based on the descriptions. There are countless Dragon Legends from cultures all over the world that might fit the description of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were probably hunted to extinction, as we hear of by the brave knights of old. There are also legends of flying dinosaurs in the Americas including those called Thunderbirds in the American Southwest. There are also reports that other cultures today still claim to have seen dinosaurs, such as Australian Aborigines, natives of Papa New Guinea, African people of the Congo, and even visitors of Loch Ness among other people around the world.[iii]

Did birds evolve from dinosaurs? God specifically explained how birds were created on day 5 and then land animals on day 6. Archaeoraptor was one exciting new find of a feathered dinosaur that National Geographic reported on that they later had to retract as a composite of two fossils, and therefore a hoax.[iv] Archaeopteryx and Xiaotingia zhengi were two supposed missing links between dinosaurs and birds, yet the evidence is shaky and becoming less in support of evolution. [v]Is there enough evidence of dinosaurs with feathers?

TRex blood cellsSoft tissue from dinosaur bones is better understood as being younger in age rather than the assumed 65 million years old. One would be hard pressed to try to explain the process that would preserve the soft tissue for many millions of years.[vi]




dino soft tissue 05






What the Bible Says: Gen 1, Job 40-41, Psalm 74:13-14, Psalm 104:26, Is 27:1


By Brian Mariani

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  1. The best evidence I’ve seen of dinosaurs with man is on s8int.com. Some of it is speculative, but most of it is convincing.

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