A Mammoth Problem

A Mammoth Problem

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From the pages of the encyclopedias we are apt to read that mastodons and mammoths were ancient relatives of today’s elephants which have been extinct for about 10,000 years.  This has been accepted by virtually all the “experts” today and consequently is taught at all levels of education.

There are other experts, however, who suggest that these great creatures have been extinct for not more than a few hundred years.  Many of these experts are historians who have read accounts of these creatures in historical records.  One such historian is the popular novelist, Louis L’Amour.  In his book, Jubal Sackett, Mr. L’Amour included an account of killing a mastodon close to 1700.  When challenged on the point, he defended his position in the February, 1987, issue of The Western Horseman.  After giving several historical records of mastodons and mammoths in North America, he writes:

The best story of the mastodon, though, is in the ethnographic records of the Smithsonian Institute.  They tell about the Ponca Indians, who lived in the vicinity of Yankton, S.D., who used to make what they called The Long Hunt. . . On one of these trips, perhaps the last one and it couldn’t have been earlier than the 1600s and it very likely was in the 1700s this happened, they killed a mastodon near Niobrara, Nebraska.

They tell about it, and not only that, they knew him well enough to have a name for him – his name was pasnuta, which in Ponca means “long nose.”. . .

Not only the mastodon, they killed something else, they only describe, which had to be a giant ground sloth (supposedly extinct at the time).

If scientists would consult historians, they may be surprised that many creatures they believe are “prehistoric” may really have existed in the known past.  We should not discount valid written documents merely because they tend not to agree with our preconceived ideas.  Historians, which have often been disregarded by “scientists,” certainly have a great deal to offer.  Similarly, the Bible which has been documented over and over to be historically valid also needs to be accepted as valid history instead of being dismissed as a myth whenever it does not agree with the evolutionary preconceived ideas.  Scientists need to consult with historical works and that certainly includes the greatest work of all time – The Bible.

by Dave Nutting

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