Unknown to the Aged and Wise as well

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Atrium of the Grand Valley

Last week I had the opportunity to teach at the Atrium, which is a retirement community in Grand Junction, CO.  Not knowing what to expect or what I should teach,  I thought to myself, what topic would they be interested in? I decided on “Dinosaurs and the Bible,” which is almost always a favorite. 

I had about twenty or so people join the class.  It was a very serious group.  Some feel asleep, while others were very attentive.  After my program I opened the floor for Q&A, and to my surprise there were plenty of questions! 

They found the topic very interesting and subsequently requested that I return with further creation topics.  So we set another date on the spot. 

One of the elderly gentlemen commented that he had never heard of this information before.  “Why are they not telling us?  They would not withhold this scientific information from us?”  Not only is this information withheld from the elderly, it is also being withheld from the young.  It is sad to see so many people, both young and old, around the world that have never heard the creation message.   How can these people make decisions for Christ when they have doubts whether the Bible is even true?

Rich Stepanek

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