A Rose is Still a Rose

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The roses around our house are now in full bloom reminding me of an article I recently read from Creation Moments –  A Rose Is Still A Rose.

Man has been breeding roses for quite a long time. The Chinese began breeding roses about 4,000 years ago. Rose breeders around the world have produced over 4,000 variations of roses that vary in size, color, frequency of bloom and scent. Over 25 different scents have been developed!

Walter Lammerts, a leading world authority on roses, has won over a dozen “All American Rose of the Year” awards from roses he has bred.

To quote from Creation Moments: “Dr. Lammerts is a creationist. He not only rejects evolution, but he blames belief in evolution for slowing the development of better strains of plants. He points out that breeders who think change takes place slowly and through evolution don’t expect to make much progress, and they waste time trying to fit what they learn into evolution. He adds that, despite thousands of years of breeding, roses are still roses.”

So many times we hear that if you believe in Creation you cannot be a true scientist because “science proves evolution”.  However, history reveals that most of the founders of modern science were creationists. It is encouraging to hear that there are many creation scientists today, active in their field of expertise, who are giving testimony to how the worldview of evolution has slowed the progress of science.

Lanny Johnson

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