An Eagerness in the Youth – For the Truth!

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A while back I had flown to Michigan to speak at a regional youth event.   After the first evening’s creation presentation, it was time for games.  Many of the youth participated in the games, but there were several who did not. 

The Truth, Please!

They had questions about Creation and Genesis,  so we had a Creation/Genesis session that lasted for about two hours.  It  began with just a few kids, but as time passed, more and more joined in with the discussions. I was greatly encouraged to see the interest and enthusiasm of these young people, to learn more about God’s Word, and how it relates to their lives. 

So often we think of the youth of today as being self-centered, pleasure seeking, and not really interested in spiritual things, but we need to be cautioned against including all youth in this category.  There are many young people out there eager to learn the truth, being willing and motivated, to make a difference in the world.  This they do by sharing the truth of Creation and Christ with their friends and others.

Rich Stepanek

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