Treadmills, DVDs, and Friends

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While exercising on my treadmill this morning, I enjoyed watching a DVD called “Creation the Facts of Life” by Dr. Gary Parker. This multitasking makes the time go faster and gives me an opportunity to meet new friends or touch bases with people I haven’t seen in awhile. It was fun to spend the time with Dr. Parker today.

Dr. Parker was one of my professors/mentors while attending the ICR Graduate School. His unique teaching style and ability to see relationships between widely diverse topics and bring them together in ways that show “bottom line” principles made classes fun and exciting. He communicates even technical information in simple, down-to-earth terms, using everyday examples to illustrate his points. I need that!

Parker’s tests were another story, though! Basically they amounted to “Write everything you know about everything we discussed.” Oh, I would write furiously as fast as my hand would go trying to recall and reconstruct voluminous amounts of information in the time and space allotted. At the end, I felt crippled and brain dead, but it was good practice in recall and communication.

I don’t miss those tests — but I do miss the times spent exploring “bunny trails” and learning to think “outside the box.” You couldn’t help being drawn into the topic. What fun!

I count it a blessing that Dr. Parker and his wife, Mary, continue to be special friends. Though our busy lives don’t allow our paths to touch as often as we would like, it is so good to be with them whenever we are able. We treasure their friendship and their input into our lives.

Parker’s book, Creation: the Facts of Life, is available from the AOI on-line store. I highly recommend it. You might also be interested in the creation adventure camps and museum the Parkers run in Florida. See their website for more information: Creation Adventures Museum.

Mary Jo Nutting

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