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After a seminar, a girl came forward who was obviously struggling.  She was a foreign exchange student from Germany who professed to be an atheist.  As she talked with Rich Stepanek, she confided, “One of my friends went to America, and came back a Christian.  I promised myself that wouldn’t happen to me.”  After Rich and the pastor shared with her for over an hour however, she prayed to receive Christ as her Savior!

For seven months her host family had been witnessing to her and bringing her to church.  Yet, she still had questions.  After hearing and understanding the Creation message, her life was changed.

The next day, as we were setting up at another church, the pastor asked, “Do you remember the man you talked to when you were here about three years ago?”  (It had been a special Creation seminar that Marilyn and I put on for an Awana group, their parents, and the public.  This gentleman stayed after the presentation and I was able to share with him for some time about the age of the earth and the many problems with evolution.)  “That night was a turning point for him,” the pastor said.  For years people in the church had been witnessing to him, but evolution kept getting in the way.  It was a valid Creation message that eventually turned him to the Lord.

Creation evangelism is a powerful tool.  Many times what stands between people and the Lord is their faith in evolution.  If the foundations of evolution can be broken, then the door to salvation can be opened.  I know, for I was also an evolutionary atheist myself.  It was the Creation message that peeled the scales of evolution off my eyes so that I could see the truth of who my Creator was.  Then I could know and understand who my Savior was.

So the next time you are witnessing to someone, consider using the tool, “In the beginning…” and the truth might set them free.


By Lanny Johnson

Originally published in the Spring 2002 issue of Think and Believe

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