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Isaac was 40 years old when he married Rebekah.  Grandpa Abraham had been promised many offspring, but after several years of marriage, Rebecca had still not conceived.  I imagine that Isaac was saying, “But God you promised!”  He probably wondered if he should have married sooner or have had more faith. Who knows his doubts?  Gen. 25:21 says Isaac pleaded with the Lord and Rebekah conceived.  Prayer answered … smooth sailing … NOT! Verse 22 says the twin babies Rebekah was carrying struggled within her and she asked “If all is well, why am I like this?”

Life produces many situations for similar confusion.  You pray for something, God gives it to you, and then it isn’t always smooth sailing.  We had been praying for a trailer to help us with our ministry.  God answered that prayer request in a BIG way.  We were over the moon, yet the first week on the road was one challenge after another.  You ask yourself – Lord did I make the wrong decision about which trailer to buy?  We were sure that this is the one you told us to buy….then why are we having so many problems? 

Beth Moore in her book “The Patriarchs” says:  “Somehow we never grow accustomed to the idea that pain and difficulties are part of the human experience.  God is not going to exempt His children from life’s difficulty. Rather, he highlights those very challenges to prove our faith is genuine.  We have an infinite advantage over unbelievers, however, even in the here-and-now of our earthly experience. Our difficulties are filled with meaning and far-reaching effects, leaving warm blessing on our earthly journey.”

Rebekah and Isaac could have had a child the first year they were married … but would they have seen God’s hand in it? Rebekah could have had a smooth pregnancy … but they would have missed the message that she was carrying two nations that would be at war with each other. 

We are in a spiritual war.  Satan really does not like the work that Alpha Omega is doing and has thrown many a trial our way.  We have learned that this only means that it is going to be a great trip spiritually and that God will provide a way for us.

Marilyn Johnson

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