Needing a Liver

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Recently, a pastor friend of ours was very ill for over a year because of a very diseased liver, and desperately in need of a liver transplant. On the waiting list with him was a 2 year old baby, also critically in need of a liver. Who would get the next available liver depended on whoever was compatible.

A liver finally became available through the death of a 16 year old boy. A lady, keeping us up to date on the pastor, shared, “We have such an awesome God!  Isn’t it just like Him to go way beyond what we are even thinking with His Blessings.  Pastor _____ and the baby were both compatible, so the baby also got part of the liver (the smaller lobe) …”

After a 6 ½ hour surgery (a liver transplant being one of the most difficult of organ transplants) the liver began to work almost immediately. As of this writing, the pastor is doing extremely well.

The adult human liver (the body’s largest internal organ) performs more than 500 different tasks. Each drop of blood that passes through the microscopic veins of the liver is continually regulated to keep the blood at the proper chemical balance. It adds needed chemicals and breaks down useless chemicals into useful components.

The liver neutralizes poisons, balances hormones, maintains blood clotting factors, produces proteins, makes and adds infection fighting substances, stores minerals and vitamins, gives the body quick energy when needed, makes bile for digestion of fats … and so much more.

The human liver is just one of the many well- designed organs that never could have come about by millions of years of evolutionary chance and accident. For us to even survive, we needed a liver that was fully functional right from the very beginning. Even transplant patients are receiving a working liver … they don’t have millions of years for evolution to come up with a solution to their dilemma. The amazing liver points to a Creator!

The death of the 16 year old was a tragedy; however through his death, 2 lives were saved. Millions of people have been saved because of what Jesus did upon the cross. He willing died (and arose) so that ALL lives might be saved, if they only believed. Do you believe?

Lanny Johnson

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