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I just received these thoughts from a man in Texas who we have had the privilege to help train in creation. What he reports really concerns me:

The Spanish pastor at my church shared with me that our denomination’s theology conference was taking place at our local church and that there was a Genesis & Science session. Without even thinking about it (and doing my due diligence), I asked for a free pass to this session and eagerly attended. It all seemed fine and dandy until the speaker . . . (yes, I should have done my research before coming in to waste my time here) began saying that he believed that Genesis 1:2 referred to a time where Satan and the angels who followed him fell and that is why the beautiful creation was formless and void. Wow! Then he said that he was sure the universe had a beginning and that it was at the beginning, but he could not say when that beginning happened; that he could only talk about historical times beginning with Abraham; that he could not assure that the 6 days of creation were actual 24-hour days; that you cannot take ALL of Genesis 1-11 literal… He could not address the issue of dinosaurs and Noah’s ark, nor how could you talk about a young earth if the earth gives the appearance of millions of years.

Yes, he presented some solid theology, but intertwined with some strange beliefs to say the least.

As if this wasn’t enough, during the Q&A session, the questions that came from the pastors caught me off guard showing a complete lack of knowledge on the subject, some of them preaching right now about Genesis but not being able to address questions coming from their congregation.

Man… this is really a depressing and worrying situation. . . . Even though I’ve read on the denomination’s site that they believe in basically what I believe, this session freaked me out.

This underscores the importance of scheduling AOI speakers at these conferences! God’s Word does not have to be compromised! For more information, see and

Dave Nutting

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