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I was able to get the Kids Think & Believe Too! newsletter finished and ready for the printer before the busyness of Christmas season took over. AOI publishes an adult newsletter and a children’s newsletter every 2 months. Dave and Mary Jo Nutting, along with occasional guest writers, write the articles for Think and Believe, and then have graphic artist Mark Sonmor add the artwork and layout. I (with occasional help from my wife Marilyn) write the Kids Think & Believe Too, do all the artwork, layout, and back page puzzles. I then have Marilyn, our secretary Gail, accountant Glenn, and Dave and Mary Jo edit it for grammar and content.  Once that is done, I make corrections and finalize it for the printer and website.

Each issue takes many hours of research, writing, artwork, and editing. We send out 6,000 to 10,000 of these FREE (to the subscriber) newsletters every two months. At the end of all that hard work, a natural question would be, is it worth it … are these newsletters glorifying our Creator and having an impact on people’s lives? This letter we received this past year encourages us and inspires us to keep on getting the word out about our awesome Lord and Savior:

I was reading one of the past issues of Think and Believe for Kids and I couldn’t help but Thank God for your efforts.  The battle against the lie of evolution is waging today because of your efforts.  Both L_____ and I want to thank you for your seminars, your summer camps and the many, many issues of Think and Believe that reside within our home.  My children are blessed in ways they can’t even understand because of them. L_____ and I were stuck with issues of National Geographic lying around when we were kids.  Who knows the difference of reading materials will make for them and the world in the future.  Please know that you are very loved and appreciated during this yearend. God Bless you all.

If you are not currently receiving AOI’s newsletters, you can go to  and view them online, or e-mail us at,  requesting to be put on the mailing list … be sure to include your complete mailing address along with e-mail address (for future notices when the newest  newsletters are available on the web).

Lanny Johnson


  1. Regarding creation:

    Being taught the “fact” of evolution robs our children of the founding principles that make our faith and one and true faith. They are taught we are random and meaningless – when the exact opposite is true! Since the world around us is the most tangible thing in all of our lives – it is so crucial for us all to know that it all is not random, but created just for us. Knowing that brings God into such a perspective that many of us knowingly and willingly push the reset button on our world views, or beliefs, and our character. For many of us that God draws – we come to realize He is real and we’ve been sold a bill of lies our whole lives.

    Keep up the good work – and, how do I get on that mailing list for the Kids Believe Too?

    • To sign up for the newsletters, just go to our website and look under “Get Our Newsletter” or just email us at You will receive both the Think & Believe and Kids Think & Believe, Too! newsletters. Thanks for your thoughts.

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