God’s Created Creatures Communicate

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Not only does God communicate through His creation and to mankind, we also see that many of His creatures are also able to communicate in unique and interesting ways. Consider the following examples: 

Ants have always been known for being masters of communication. Mary Jo and I confirmed that while watching ants in a huge ant farm in a natural history museum. One ant was carrying a very large load when it stumbled crossing a narrow “log bridge.” It continued to grasp its load while hanging by one “arm” from the bridge. Whether it said an audible “help-help” or released an odiferous chemical signaling it needed help we don’t know, but it communicated its need in such a way that other ants responded from a distance away. They dropped their loads, and rallied to help the ant in distress. It was certainly effective communication! I’m sure we can learn a lesson about helping others from that – both in communicating the need and in responding to the need. (Go to the ant and learn. Proverbs 6:6) 

Anyone who has a pet knows that animals communicate. Dogs and cats tell you, “Hey, feed me,” by carrying their bowl to you or by using their imploring eyes to stare back and forth from you to their bowl. Some become virtual masters of begging.

Even pet fish communicate through the glass of the aquarium by congregating as close to you as possible and opening their mouths, saying “Feed me!”

Dolphins use sounds like whistles and clicks to find each other. Researchers are noting that they also use body language to communicate various things. They arch their backs, roll their eyes, wag their heads, etc. The researchers are also trying to discover other ways they “talk” to each other. 

I have watched huge flocks of birds all flying together. Suddenly, they all turn as if they were a squadron practicing for the Blue Angels jet squad. I wondered why the birds could all suddenly change their course simultaneously without crashing into each other. There must be some type of communication going on.

By Dave Nutting

Originally published in the November/December 2010 issue of Think & Believe newsletter.

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