Answered Prayer!

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Giving His Testimony

This past Sunday, I recieved the blessing of being in attendance at my oldest grandson’s baptism. He had put his faith and trust in Jesus earlier this year on Good Friday. We had taken him and his brother to an exhibit of Jesus’ crucifixion at a nearby church. There were several stations set up to show different aspects of the crucifixion, ending with a cross.

Around the cross had been placed many scraps of paper upon which people could write their sins, and then nail them to the cross. My youngest grandson, 4 years old, had us help write, “Jesus, thank you for dying for my sins.” I don’t know what my oldest grandson wrote, but I could see that the cross had made an impact on him. I gathered my 2 grandsons at the foot of the cross and prayed that they might someday understand and believe in Jesus. Little did I know how soon part of that prayer would be answered!

On the way home from the church with his mother, the oldest began to ask her many questions about Jesus and salvation. Not wanting the conversation to end, my daughter drove around town for nearly an hour, answering his questions. Later that evening, he was able to talk with his father, late into the night. Early the next morning he excitedly called my wife and me to tell us, “I’m a Christian! I asked Jesus into my heart! I’m saved!”

Happy in Jesus

Oh what a joy to hear those words, an answer to many years of prayer. You see, I have been praying for every one of my grandchildren, even while in the womb, that they might someday really know and believe in Jesus. And what a joy and blessing to hear my oldest grandson, at 8 years old, give a testimony to his church and then demonstrate his belief by baptism! By the way, his father (an ordained preacher) had the privilege of performing the baptism. What a blessing for us all! My prayer for him now is that he might continue to grow in Jesus Christ and be a shining light in this world.

Lanny Johnson

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