God’s Provision

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Since joining Alpha Omega Institute fulltime in January of 1994 we have seen God’s provision in so many ways … I could probably write a book on the gracious methods by which He has taken care of us. Let me share just a few of His provisions in the area of transportation;

In California, a man approached us about the noise our truck was making. Smilingly he said, “It sure sounds like a diesel.” I assured him it was a gasoline engine; it was just in need of a new muffler. When he found out about our ministry, he said, “Come to my muffler shop and I will put a new one on for you. No charge.” … God’s provision!

While visiting some friends of ours in Wyoming, they felt led to give us $5oo for personal use. Fifty miles from their home, one of the very worn tires on our truck blew! Cost of new tires – $500. … God’s provision!

My parents gave us a 1970 motorhome, which was a blessing as we traveled in the ministry and homeschooled our children … God’s provision!

While snowed in by a blizzard at a gentleman’s farm in Minnesota, the farmer was walking by the front of our old motorhome. He stopped, fell on his stomach, looked under the front, jumped up, and banged on our door. “You need new front tires,” he exclaimed! He bought us 2 good tires! By the way, that gentleman’s name is Richard Stepanek, my good friend; he joined AOI a few years later! … God’s provision!

The old 1970 motorhome’s engine was underpowered for the mountains we travel through. Our home church provided money to replace the engine and transmission with a 1997 model. … God’s provision!

The brake system for the 1970 motorhome was worn out, and because of the age of the unit, parts could not be found to make it roadworthy. A family donated a reliable, younger 1986 motorhome. … God’s provision!

As the gas prices have increased so much in the last 5 years, using the motorhome in our ministry has become very costly. We have been searching for about a year and a half for an affordable truck that is mechanically sound with enough power to pull a medium size camper trailer. God used a Pastor and two Godly men in Nebraska to find us just such a truck. … God’s provision!

These are only a few of the bountiful ways God has provided for us over the years. He is truly a faithful God!

 “Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;” (Eph 5:20) 

Lanny Johnson

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