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Chest Thumping Roar

Nitro powered mud buggy


A few evenings ago I had the fun of taking my two young grandsons to a Monster Truck show. It was not only a time to be able to spend with the boys, but to be truthful, I (like my two grand boys) love hearing the ear splitting , chest-thumping roar and seeing  huge trucks with outlandish sized tires defy gravity and fly through the air, squashing things upon their bone- jarring landing.

What we did not expect to see was a “souped” up nitro powered mud buggy racing through a mud pit and flying through the air! I am sure that the driver was not expecting it either. As he was given the green flag, the driver hit the power so hard the front wheels instantly came off the ground. Before he had even traveled one car length, the mud buggy was out of control. To our amazement the buggy was airborne at the halfway point of the mud pit, completely turning over and landing beyond the pit. In less than 2 seconds disaster had struck. Fortunately, the safety features built in to the buggy protected the driver from serious injury.

This morning, while driving to the office, I came very close to being slammed into from the side at a dangerous highway intersection. In less than 2 seconds, I had put myself into a potentially fatal situation. I thank God for His protection!

As I continued on to the office, my mind began to ponder … what if? What if I had died? A lot of scenarios raced through my brain, but the one that kept coming to the forefront was an assurance … an assurance of where I would have woken up … in heaven with the Lord Jesus! This certainty does not come from anything I have ever been able to do upon this earth. It comes from God’s Word. “These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.” (1 John 5:13) I know I belong to Christ, because I have believed in Jesus Christ as my only Savior. There are many other verses in the Bible that also gives me this certainty.

If you knew that in 5 minutes you would die, wouldn’t you also like the assurance that you would wake up in heaven? To learn more about how you can receive God’s gift of eternal life go to:  http://www.discovercreation.org/kids/documents/KnowYourCreator.pdf

 Lanny Johnson

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