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   Alpha Omega Institute has finally entered the blogosphere!  We are excited to add this new relational component to help us stay connected with you, our support and readership.  You can follow just one team, or all the teams.  Stay up to date as the Nuttings are on the road, as the Johnsons teach 100 kids from age 5 to 15 (prayer is always helpful – how do they do it!), follow Rich as he sets his sights on foreign lands, or catch up with the Galbraiths in their pursuits. You will hear of highs and lows, praises and prayer requests, thoughts and highlights.  

We are always hearing from people wondering about the whereabouts of our ever traveling teachers.  Well now you can hear from them personally with updates on a regular basis.  We pray that this internet tool will help everyone to see what the team is doing on the battle fronts and how your support is changing lives around the world.  We thank you for all your support, prayers, and encouragement.

You can find the link to our blog on the bottom of every page on our website, and from the blog link on our homepage.  The direct link is-

Your friends at AOI

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