Noah’s Ark Has Been Found?

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Did you hear about the recent claim that Noah’s ark has been found?          

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Within 24 hours of the original news report, another report indicated that it is a hoax.

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Which one is reliable?  We are not sure, yet, but are still waiting for more dust to settle before making a determination.

While most Christians would certainly love to see the “real” Noah’s Ark found, be careful before jumping on the bandwagon and forwarding the e-mail to your friends. Perhaps we are a bit skeptical, but new stuff is always coming out on the web, and much of it looks good on the surface but ends up being hear-say, a hoax, or just another urban legend. We believe there is enough good, well-documented evidence for creation and the reliability of Scripture, that we don’t need to immediately jump on every recent “discovery.” Our policy at AOI is to check them out the best we can and to take a “wait and see” attitude. Remember, God is the God of Truth! We don’t want to dishonor His Name by advancing hearsay. Also, we need good, credible research if we are ever going to expect skeptical scientists to even consider our perspective. So, when you see reports of a “new discovery” – whether it supports creation or evolution – take some time, be a little skeptical, do your homework, and give it some time. God is never in a hurry!


By Dave Nutting

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