New Discovery Tramples Evolutionary Theory

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Just recently, a very prominent candidate for a link between fish and amphibians has swum away. The candidate was referred to as Tiktaalik. Evolutionists have been teaching that it is a prime example of a “missing link.”  Articles referred to the front fin structures as “proto-legs” and the fin bones as “wrist bones.”  This loaded and misleading language alone skewed the readers imagination toward a fish heading for the land. They thought it was settled until a fossil trackway was recently found in Poland. It is a trackway of a 4-legged creature that walked in the mud long before Tiktaalik even hatched — in fact 18 million years before according to evolutionary dates. It has thrown some paleontologists into a tizzy. As one said:“We thought we’d pinned down the origin of limbed tetrapods. We have to rethink the whole thing.’” Paleontologist Jenifer Clack, University of Cambridge, UK.

For a very good article about all of this, see Dr. Tas Walker’s article titled “Tetrapods from Poland trample the Tiktaalik school of evolution” at:


By Dave Nutting

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