Gems From Genesis – The Drama of Creation

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Like a good movie, the bible starts with intrigue – with a powerful attention-getter:  “In the beginning, God created. . . “ With this verse, we are drawn into the story – left with a sense of wonder, awe, and a desire to know more.  What was it like before creation?  Why did He create?  What was His purpose?  What motivated Him?  What did He create?  When did He do it?  How did He do it?  How long did it take?  What was it like when He finished?  For the curious child or the serious student, the list goes on and on. 

Many of these questions are answered to some degree in later verses and chapters of the Bible, but for a moment, let yourself be swept up and captured by the unfolding drama.  Out of the mystery of eternity, God speaks. . . and time begins.  A series of awe-inspiring scenes capture your attention.  The Spirit moves, and light bursts forth.  Waters above are separated from waters below, dry land is formed, and vegetation of all sorts springs forth from the newly formed ground.  Suddenly, your gaze is irresistible drawn to the heavens, where myriads of stars, the sun, and the moon appear.  As you look back to the earth, you see the waters come alive with swarms of sea creatures, the heavens with birds, and the earth with living creatures of all sorts.  Finally, an awed silence fills the air as man and woman are created – in the very image of God – and commissioned as stewards of His creation.  God steps back, examines His handiwork, declares it “very good,” puts down His tools, and rests.

Can’t you just hear the musical score as the angels sing in wonder?  Do you hear the birds singing, the bees humming, and the happy laughter of Adam and Eve as they explore their new home and delight in fellowship with God and one another?  Do you see the awesome beauty of the newly created heavens and earth?  Truly, this is a drama of epic proportions!

As we dig into Genesis, I encourage you to “enter into” the drama.  Play it fast forward to be swept up in power, awe, and majesty; play it slow motion to discover fascinating, intricate details – but don’t miss the credit that reads, “Based on a true story.”  Yes, there are facts to find, lessons to learn, and drama to enjoy – but most of all, there is a GOD to discover – a GOD to know, to worship, and to love.  This is not just a story – not just a myth nor old dead history.  This is true HIS-story.  This is OUR story.  Come along and enjoy the adventure!


By Mary Jo Nutting

Originally published  in the March/April 2007 issue of Think & Believe newsletter.

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