Standing on the Word

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God’s Word has come under attack on many fronts.  For over 25 years, our particular “assignment” in this battlefield has been to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and proclaim the truth of His Word, starting with Genesis 1-11.  These passages are foundational to understanding the rest of the Bible.

Genesis lays the groundwork for all the major doctrinal themes found in the rest of the Bible such as God’s sovereignty, man’s position under God, righteousness, sin, judgment, and God’s plan of redemption.  Genesis reveals the origin of the universe, our world, man, woman, marriage, families, nations, languages, human government, and more.  Believing Genesis gives us a strong basis for understanding the complexities of life and the relationships we face on a daily basis.

Since Genesis is so foundational, it is also frequently attacked.  These attacks come in many forms, but the end results undermine the authority of God’s Word in the minds and hearts of mankind.  Sometimes the attacks are frontal – openly denying or scoffing at the Word – replacing it with ideas of “modern” man.  Other times the attacks are more subtle – compromising the clear teaching of Scripture by denying its scientific or historical accuracy and demoting it to the place of a myth or a story with “spiritual meaning’ but not literal, historical truth.

The frontal attacks are often easier to detect and withstand, than these more subtle ones, which often come from those who claim to believe the Word of God.  Yet, they seek to “explain” it in a way that integrates the claims of secular “science,” even though these claims manipulate the straightforward teaching of the Bible.

At AOI, we recognize that when properly used, science is a powerful tool.  It makes our lives easier through discoveries and technology, and helps us carry out our job as stewards of God’s earth.  Through study of our physical world, we gain valuable lessons for life (e.g. Prov. 6:6).  Science can also help us worship God more fully as we stand in awe of His power, wisdom, care, and love of beauty expressed through what He has made.

We are not “anti-science.”  However, since science is limited and since man doesn’t know everything, science is always changing.  But the Word of the Lord never changes.  God was there in the beginning.  He is both all-powerful and all-knowing.  He is also holy, reliable, and trustworthy.  He never fails.

Therefore, when “current scientific knowledge” seems to conflict with the Word of God, we choose to hold fast to the Word of God.  We pray and search for alternative ways to view the scientific evidence and interpretations.  We also pray and search the Scriptures for correct understanding.  In the end though, if the conflict remains, we choose to stand on the Word of God.  We view “science” through the “lens” of Scripture rather than Scripture through the changing “lens” of science.

At AOI, we purpose, by the grace of God, to remain true to His Word.  We encourage you also, to “stand firmly on the Word” – to base your faith and life on the Word of God, and on His unchanging character.

By Dave and Mary Jo Nutting

Originally published in the Summer 2004 issue of Think & Believe newsletter.

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