Just What Does AOI Do???

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People ask us at AOI, “What do you do?”  Before I answer this question, it would be good to answer another question first:

Why Do We Do What We Do?

  1. The theory of evolution doesn’t hold up to scientific investigation, yet we and our children are being taught it is a “fact.”
  2. Evolutionary ideas impact all of our society, affecting the way people think about God, themselves, and issues facing society – and consequently, how they live their lives.
  3. A high percentage of youth from evangelical homes and churches reject their faith or are seriously weakened because of evolutionary indoctrination and other anti-God philosophies taught throughout our society.
  4. Evolution keeps many people from responding to the Gospel.  According to Mark Cahill, one of the most active evangelists on the university and high school scene today, “The #1 reason young people give for rejecting the Gospel message is Evolution!”

Now, back to the original question:  What Does AOI Do?  Alpha Omega Institute encourages people of all ages to grow in their relationship with God as they Discover Creation and walk confidently in the Truth of His Word.  That means we exist to do much more than just argue scientific facts.  Yes, we expose the fallacies of evolution, but we also exist to help people come to the Lord and to grow with Him!  We are also fighting to keep those in the church from becoming casualties in the battle for their minds and hearts that is raging all around them.

How Do We Accomplish These Objectives?  Since evolution is the #1 reason that many people reject the Gospel and also a major reason why young people drop out of the church, we start there.  AOI presents the positive evidence that Creation and God’s Word is true.  At the same time, we show the multitude of problems with evolution.  In essence, we cut out the rotten foundation of evolution and replace it with the solid foundation of the truth of God’s Word.  From that new foundation, we encourage people to respond to the claims of Jesus Christ for salvation and to grow with Him and in His Word.

Where Do We Teach?  AOI speakers present exciting, illustrated seminars for churches, schools, and universities across the States and abroad.  We also do specialized programs for children’s groups, Vacation Bible Schools, camps, field trips, etc.  Our Creation Mountain Adventures have been an especially popular way for children and adults alike to learn the truth of creation and God’s Word.  In addition, AOI publishes the Think & Believe newsletter, provides quality creation teaching resources, and offers training for people interested in teaching others.

We believe God has called us at AOI to take a stand in this crucial battle.  You can join us by equipping yourself and your family; hosting a seminar; teaching a class; talking with your neighbors; providing creation resources for your church, school, and public library; and most importantly, by praying for people everywhere to realize and submit to the truth of God’s Word.

By Dave Nutting

Originally published in the Winter 2003 issue of Think & Believe newsletter.

Please call our office or email us at aoi@discovercreation.org for additional resources on these subjects.

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