November 19th, 2009


Rapid Petrification

How long does it take to petrify wood (i.e., turn it to stone) ? Not long!  Public service officials have reported instant petrified wood resulting from lightning strikes. It amazed the chain saw operators who tried to remove the stricken tree. Loggers were also responsible for other instant petrified wood. They accidentally felled a tree across a high voltage line. The power discharged into the ground producing intense heat, melting the ground. A tree sucked the molten material into its roots, producing instant petrified wood.

The University of Arizona has developed and patented a process to produce rapid petrification (turning to stone) of wood. They plan to produce petrified fence posts. This is not a bad idea since these solid rock posts do not rot, and horses do not chew on them. It apparently takes a short enough time, that it is commercially feasible.  This certainly shows that if the conditions are just right,  millions of years are not needed  to turn wood into stone like we are usually taught.



Dave Nutting

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