“A True Mystery of Science”

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  Regarding new fossil teeth much older than previously thought (2.8 million years old – 400,000 years earlier than before): “Arizona State’s William Kimbel, an author of the paper, said it’s not clear whether the fossil came from a known early species of Homo or whether it reveals a new one.” Such phrases seem to come up frequently: ‘older than previously thought’, ‘younger than previously thought’, ‘surprising results’, ‘unexpected data’, etc. This shows that science is still rapidly advancing, but I believe that it more often shows that we harbor assumptions and worldviews which color the way we interpret data and influence our expectations. In particular, I believe that many scientists operate under the wrong worldview (of Evolution and Naturalism) and are thus often challenged by data. Speaking of worldviews which color our interpretations, I also find an irony in the example above, in the fact that they would at least offer the option that the fossil teeth may be a new species of Hominid. That will guarantee more funding for sure! By Brian Mariani, Source: FoxNews.com, Scientists say jaw bone fragment dating back 2.8 million years evidence of earlier evolution, March 5, 2015, http://www.foxnews.com/science/2015/03/05/unearthed-jaw-bone-fragment-sheds-light-on-turning-point-in-human-evolution/?intcmp=latestnews...

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Opposing Views of God and Reality   

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  The Christian says: “Atheists don’t want reality to be that there is a God that they are accountable to.” The Atheist says: “Christians want reality to be that there is a God who loves and cares for them and who bring meaning and purpose to life.” Who’s view is correct? By Brian Mariani

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Firm Foundation

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  I’ve always known that a solid foundation is important, but until recently I had not seen firsthand the disastrous effects of not having one.  I recently had the opportunity to go on an unexpected adventure that led to a tour of a massive, uninhabited log home. Set on the edge of a lush, grassy meadow, with hillsides sloping up to snowy mountains behind, the expansive building fit beautifully into the landscape. The large reception room’s wood floors had a glossy sheen, and the solid wood doors complimented the huge log walls. But something wasn’t right. We descended the split log staircase into the basement, where an intricate web of copper pipes and fittings added to the overall impression of costly outfitting. That’s where some of the problems came into view. As we got a better look at the underside of the house, it became evident that the foundation was nowhere near sufficient for the structure it was intended to support. Beams sagged, scrawny posts held up a wide deck, providing less than half of the needed support. As we explored the rest of the house, huge rooms pleased the eye, but the other senses betrayed some hidden – and some not-so-hidden – flaws. There wasn’t a level floor in the place, and their angles tempted one to toss a ball to the floor to see which way it would roll; beams over 1 foot in diameter stood majestically in the great room, appearing to support the upper loft…but had hardly anything below to brace them. As I looked over the house, and listened to the report that it had been pronounced in danger of “imminent collapse” by an engineer, I was struck by the profound spiritual analogy it presented. The building itself (completed only 8 years ago) appeared beautiful and stately – but it may as well have been rotten to the core. With such a poor foundation, the whole structure was compromised. All of the costly, quality details added later (like the exquisite kitchen fixtures and lavish bed frames) could not make up for the faulty workmanship done at the beginning. It grieved me to see such waste – what could have been a lovely, gracious building – if it had been properly founded – was now not only sitting empty, but posing a potential hazard to any who chose to spend extended time within its walls! This situation bears a strong resemblance to the words of Jesus from the gospel of Luke: “Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say? Everyone who comes to Me and hears My words and acts on them, I will show you whom he is like: he is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid a foundation on the rock; and when a flood occurred, the torrent burst against that house and could not shake...

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The History of the World in 2 Hours – Questions to Consider

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  Here is a very interesting documentary (The History of The World in Two Hours) about the naturalistic view of how life has become the way it is today. Even if this is not what you believe, it is interesting and educational to be able to see their perspective in a full overview. Keep thinking as you watch. They will often say things as a matter of fact, because they believe that these various opinions have been validated. So be skeptical and question and research the basis for what you hear. Note: Be open and respectful. Notice that you will clearly hear their worldview and take note of the assumptions that they make. Ask: Is there evidence for this? How do they know? How does this fit with the Bible and how is it contrary? Notice that they don’t believe in the worldwide flood and so the rock layers have formed slowly over time.   13.7 Billion years ago -“For reasons, we may never know…our universe suddenly erupts…” -What was before the big bang? -Why did the big bang happen? -Why wasn’t the big bang uniform in its explosion? -How did the big bang create the energy? -How fast was energy moving at the early stage of the big bang? -First atoms – 380,000 years after -How did the energy become hydrogen? -“Where there is stuff, more stuff can develop…where there isn’t, more…” -How are stars formed? -How can gravity overcome temperature and diffusion forces of gasses? -How does clumping of gas (stars) happen? -Heavier elements are formed in stars. -When was the first supernova? (why so soon?) -Is there observation of heavy elements created in a supernova? -How do we still have so much Radioactive material on the Earth? -How did the sun get all of that mass/matter? -How did the planets form? -Why are some planets solid rock and why are some gas planets? -GRAVITY IS NOT THAT STRONG!   4.5 Billion years ago -How did the Earth and moon stabilize after such a destructive collision? -How was the moon able to tilt the earth due to the collision – shouldn’t we see after effects of unstable or elliptical rotation? -How far away from the Earth was the moon at 3.8 billion years ago when oceans formed…what were the tides like?   3.8 billion years ago -That was a huge jump between chemical compounds and a strand of DNA. How did it do that? -How simple was the first cell?   (How did that gain more DNA –genetic material, and become more complex…we see no evidence of that today?)   2.5 billion years ago -Do we see evidence today of rusted iron (iron oxide) from the first oceans? -How do we go from prokaryotic to eukaryotic cells? -How do organisms become multi-celled?   550 million years ago -Why was the Cambrian explosion so fast? -Where is the evidence for the transition between Precambrian animals and Cambrian animals?...

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