“My Church Beat Me Up”

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“You forgot to talk about ‘panspermia’ when you talked about the options about where we come from,” challenged a teenager after a Creation Science Fellowship meeting in New Mexico. I explained to him that panspermia was just a variation on evolution … because there is no true evidence for life beginning by itself here upon the earth, panspermia was proposed as a theory that life on earth originated from organisms coming from outer space. He then...

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The Birth of the Genesis Project

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The idea for the Genesis Project started years ago in Africa.  It all began when Lanny and I traveled to Africa a few months after 9/11 to teach about creation and the new age movement.  It was during the last few days of our one month tour and we were finishing up in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was Saturday night and we were approached by an elder from the church where we were teaching the next morning.  He informed us that his pastor did not want us to teach, but to...

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The Genesis Project

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  AOI is starting a new Project called the Genesis Project.  We believe the project is greatly needed ,due to the fact that many people have questions and are extremely confused about Genesis.  Many churches do not even teach the truth about Genesis. What does Genesis tell us about science?  If Darwin would have known the scientific information proclaimed in Genesis, he probably would not have made the mistakes he made about evolution on the Galapagos Islands.  Genesis...

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The Ministry continues in India

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We are regularly receiving phone calls from a friend who was also my translator in India.   I stayed with this man, Yogesh, and his wife, Vinita, during my last trip to India in February. He understands the importance of teaching the truth about Genesis so much, that he has decided to do some teaching himself.  On various weekends he will present Genesis teachings to groups at various churches. It has been a blessing to see how God will use specific individuals to further...

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Multiplication of Ministry

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Over the years, AOI has had a chance to “train up” many individual with the foundations of Creation. Many of those individuals have used this knowledge to minister in their local churches and areas. Some 18 years ago, when Marilyn, my daughters, and I first began with AOI, we met a family at one of our Creation Family Camps, and later at the church they were attending in Texas. They had a real desire to learn the puppet ministry, so they came to another of...

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How Dare You Contradict Evolution?

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As I write, David Coppedge is in the midst of a courtroom battle regarding a discrimination lawsuit he has brought against his former employer, Jet Propulsion Labs. He had been employed at the lab for quite a few years and was an information technology specialist and system administrator on JPL’s international Cassini mission to Saturn. He was fired by the lab for supposed religious harassment after he filed suit to protect his free expression rights. What was the nature of...

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Up, Up, and Far Away

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While waiting for my flight to Houston, I decided to write a quick note from the Grand Junction Airport. Mark Sonmor, AOI’s graphic artist, is finishing the final details on some PowerPoint slides that I will need for teaching on this trip. He will be sending them by email upon completion. There never seems to be enough time to get it all done. I will meet Allen and Molly Nance, friends of AOI as well as friends of India, in Houston and we will travel together to...

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Our Hope in Jesus

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A few summers ago, we met a missionary couple who have established a school in Gambia (a country in West Africa). Gambia is predominately Muslim in faith. I just want to share a few excerpts from their recent newsletter:  “Each year as Christmas arrives we are given the opportunity to remember why Jesus came to earth. All people had no hope and were separated from God by sin, yet, the prophets of old predicted a day when the Messiah would come. Unable to fix our own...

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Remember those famous movies of the old west? The main villain and his gang have been terrorizing the town. Nobody stands up to them out of fear. Then along comes the guy in the (frequently) white cowboy hat, who either singlehandedly cleans up the whole mess or motivates the town’s people to collectively stand with him. Creation ministry on the college campus is kind of like that. A huge difference is that we don’t come in with our white cowboy hat, we aren’t riding on a...

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Inner City Chicago

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“These high school students are tough inner city kids. You just don’t know how they will respond.” It was a good warning that I received before speaking at a school in the inner city of Chicago the last few days. Many of the guys were much bigger than me, but fortunately, they responded well to the Creation vs. Evolution message I brought. The first day, I spoke to various classes at this school on Blind Chance or Intelligent Design for 5 periods and then gave a session on...

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Another Appointed Meeting!

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Recently, I was sitting on an airplane waiting for takeoff.  A woman came in at the last minute. She was just allowed the empty seat as a standby passenger. When she sat down I heard her say, “Thank Jesus I got a seat.” I told her she certainly was thanking the right person! That opened up some conversation. As the flight progressed, she found out that I was on a speaking trip to teach creation.  Then she said she had been talking to her grandson who used to attend a...

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The Lure of the World

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Why is the lure of this world stronger than the lure of God???? As I sat down with my cup of coffee and prepared to do my daily Bible study, my eyes fell to this week’s newspaper ads.  It shocked me when I realized the lure of knowing what was on sale this week was stronger than the desire to get into God’s word.  I know how very GOOD our God is and have experienced the thrill of God’s blessing on my life many times!  I know God wants only the best for me....

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