Are You a Neanderthal???

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  Neanderthals are “characterized by prominent eyebrow ridges (like modern Australian aborigines), low forehead, long narrow skull, a protruding upper jaw, and a strong lower jaw with a short chin. They were deep-chested, large-boned individuals with a powerful build. It should be emphasized, however, that none of these features fall outside the range of normal human anatomy.” “If he (Neandertal man) could be reincarnated and placed in a New York subway...

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Science is Faith-based

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  “According to this biblical definition, science itself is a faith-based system, for it is a system often governed by “the evidence of things not seen.” Indeed, this is an essential modus operandi in science. Without ever having directly observed them, science believes in many concepts and systems at the subatomic, the super-galactic, and even the macroscopic natural level of life. Black holes, certain astronomical objects, the chemical composition of celestial...

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Are “Multiverses” a Good Explanation?

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  “Multiverses supposedly explain the existence of [our universe] with special characteristics. But this is really special pleading, i.e. an explanation these atheists accept for the universe but would not tolerate for a second to explain anything else. Consider if we found a pattern of markings on a beach which spelled your name. Naturally you would conclude that an intelligent agent had written it. This is more plausible than thinking that wind and wave erosion...

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Doesn’t Every Scientist Accept the Big Bang Theory?

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  “Those who urge Christians to accept the big bang as a ‘science fact’ point to its near-universal acceptance by the scientific community. However, [33 top secular scientists who oppose the big bang theory] describe a situation familiar to many creationist scientists: ‘An open exchange of ideas is lacking in most mainstream conferences … doubt and dissent are not tolerated, and young scientists learn to remain silent if they have something negative to say about the...

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What’s the Alternative?

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“We might think chapter 2 of Genesis teaches that ‘God formed the man of dust from the ground,’ and Eve from Adam—but if they were the product of evolution, then early Genesis becomes a myth, and everyone who assumed the history to be true (including Jesus and Paul) were naive. Original sin becomes a theoretical construct rather than harsh reality, so why do we desperately need Christ?” “What’s the alternative? Theistic evolutionists say we must bend or die, but...

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Major Fossils All in One Layer!

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  “One example [of a variety of major fossils found all in one layer] is seen in Canada’s Yoho National Park, high in the Rocky Mountains. Fossils from nearly all the major animal groups (phyla), including the vertebrates, are found in the same rock layers. The evolutionary scientists have no reasonable explanation for this sudden appearance of complex life-forms, let alone all of them at virtually the same time, and very early in their supposed evolutionary...

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