Repairing in Mexico

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  Moving the Farmers family from Guadalajara, Mexico to Tepic, Mexico went well.  The three hour drive through the mountains was beautiful.  We arrived in Tepic Thursday afternoon (Nov. 29) to a house which was much larger than the one they had in Guadalajara.  This is a blessing for a family with three active boys!  But the house was in need of some work, the repairs included electrical, plumbing, woodwork, etc. Finding parts to fix a water heater, water valves, and...

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With a little help …

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  Sue, Joel, and I left Colorado on Sunday Nov. 25 to fly to Mexico.  We spent the first few days helping our daughter, Kim, and her husband Jasson pack up their family and house in Guadalajara, Mexico.  We have been primarily helping take care of their three young boys, as well as giving their house a fresh coat of paint. Thursday we traveled to Tepic, about 3 hours away, unloaded the cargo, and helped them get settled in their new home.  Two other UIM pilots were...

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A Misconception of who God is

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  As I was watching the debate between Richard Dawkins and Britain’s Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Richard Dawkins began talking about the God of the Bible.  As I listened to his description of God, it was clear that he was not talking about the God the Bible proclaims.  How could he have such a distorted concept of who God is? I believe it starts with the presupposition of whether you believe in creation or evolution.  If you believe in evolution, millions or billions...

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Evolutionary change in my teaching

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  There is an evolutionary change in my teaching style over the last two years.  I still present my normal creation science topics for seminars at churches, home school groups, Christian schools, public schools, colleges, etc., but there has been a shift in my teaching for home Bible studies.   The disadvantage of teaching at home Bible studies is it limits the number of people who can attend.  The advantage is the more intimate teaching style.   With fewer people and...

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Junk DNA ‘Junked’ – No Surprise To Me

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  As scientists study living organisms, they continue to find increasing complexity.  This is what scientists discovered when they studied the human genome in the project called ENCODE, short for Encyclopedia of DNA Elements.  As I was reading an article on the ENCODE project by Malcolm Ritter (an AP Science Writer) at and other articles similar to it, I was amazed at what your worldview or presuppositions will do to how you look at life.  Let me...

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…On The Right Track In Genesis

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  Below is a segment from a letter I just received from my translator in India.  A few years ago, he translated my Genesis series over a period of two weeks for a number of Bible colleges and seminaries.   …Hope you are keeping well as I do here by His grace. I just want to say…………….You have been the mentor of life. Though I did not realize it earlier. Now it feels great to have someone who guided me to the right track in life. Thanks...

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Children Being Deceived

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  As I travel around the world and in the United States,  I have come in contact with concerned parents and people who talk to me in person, by email, or even call me about a loved one or a person they know who is leaving the church and rejecting the truth taught in Scripture…. because of evolution.   Many times they are at a loss of what they can do.   First, I explain to them the vast amount of scientific evidence in support of creation and also...

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Dinosaurs, Monuments, and The Gospel

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  On Monday, August 27th, I had the great opportunity to host both a Colorado National Monument tour and a Dinosaur Journey Museum tour for Mountain Valley Christian Academy.  The day started at 9:00 am at the monument with a presentation explaining the landscape by the evolutionary model and then by the creation/flood model.  We talked about the effects of the flood on geology.  The creation/flood model fits so much better with the observed data. After finishing at...

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Training The Future Generation

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I spent two weeks helping with the children’s program at Camp Redcloud.  We had from 12-18 children each day.  They were an active, fun, and enthusiastic group.  One of the favorite activities is always making sock puppets.  The children enjoy performing with them for their parents on Thursday during the variety show. Some of the older children (age 11-13) , who had been in the program in previous years, enjoyed being able to be helpers as well.  Some are very interested...

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Another Great Experience at Redcloud Mountain Adventures

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What a great time we had at Redcloud Mountain Adventure!  Family camp is always a rewarding time to minister to the entire family.  Our desire is to grow families in their relationships to each other and with the Lord. Primarily we want to train fathers to be the spiritual leaders in their families. The first week had many teens with unique issues to be addressed.  We trust that God will do great things in their lives in the coming days and years.  The second week we had...

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How Are Fossils Formed, And What About A Fossil Hat?

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How are fossils formed? We recently came across a comment about one of our blogs, Gaining Weight In The Grave, that was brought up on a blog of a prominent creationist, Jason Lisle, and we wanted to elaborate on the possibility of a felt hat fossilizing. The commenter referred to the fossilized hat being a hoax.  According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica (2003 Ultimate Reference Suite).  A fossil is formed by: “The hard parts of organisms that become buried in...

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My Missionary Lizards

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Pastor Ramon invited me and a variety of Bible teachers from Mexico to teach at a youth convention which was being held at the Nogales Baptist Seminary in Nogales, MX.  Over one hundred youth attended the event.  Many more signed up to attend, but were unfortunately turned down, due to lack of room.  I observed in the youth of Mexico a desire to know the truth.   Both young and old around the world have an interest in creation, especially the subject of dinosaurs. After...

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