A Primary Intent….To Reach The Lost

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  As I reflected on my last speaking trip to California, a couple of thoughts stood out in my mind. A pastor from Eureka, CA, asked if I did debates or if I was, instead,  just interested in teaching on a university campus.  I informed him that I was not interested in debates, but I was interested in teaching and dialoging about scientific ideas. The primary reason I hate debates is that people who disagree with my ideas, on the origin of life and the universe, are not...

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In season, out of season…

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  2Timothy 4:2 “ Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.” We list our speaking schedule on the web, so that people can be informed about when and where we will be presenting the creation/Genesis message.  But, this is only a small portion of the creation teaching that we actually do.  Not only do we teach during the seminars, but around the dinner table with friends, during the day and night...

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The Orchestrating Hand of God

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  We are just in the second week of our California seminar tour.  We recently finished teaching at our second church, Fellowship Bible Church, of Belmont, CA.  Our time there was very encouraging.  They had four different teaching sessions from Thursday to Sunday.  The session on Friday was especially well attended with the auditorium filled and rows of chairs placed in the entrance area for the overflow crowd.  Sue also had a large group of kids on Friday night to...

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Why all the hype about finding water on Mars?

Why all the hype about finding water on Mars?

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  Why all the hype about finding water on Mars? Below are some quotes from articles about finding evidence of water on Mars.   “Mars once had conditions favorable for microbial life, NASA scientists announced” “It shows veins of sediments that scientist believe were deposited under water and was an environment once hospitable to life.” “We have found a habitable environment that is so benign, and supportive of life, that probably if this...

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Water on Mars!

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  Lately there have been a number of articles on the web, tv, and in newspapers, stating: Flowing Water on Mars? Strange Red Planet Features Stir Debate; Mars Water Mystery: NASA Rover’s Ancient Streambed Discovery Is the Latest Clue!  The 2,000-pound Mars rover, Curiosity, has been sending back information and images of what looks like sedimentary rock layers that were laid down by water. Also, what looks like evidence for an ancient, flowing stream on Mars, as...

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Hungry for Answers

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  Well, that Tuesday (see my last blog “Genesis Series on the Road…“) Sue and I, with the help of our son Joel, taught six hours at Faith Baptist Church in Pawnee City, NE.  The seminars went very well.  I taught one hour on dinosaurs, science, and the Bible, and the next five hours we spent on the Genesis Series. We covered Genesis chapters one and two.  Sue, with her changes to the children’s ministry, was a big hit.  The people at Pawnee were truly...

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Genesis Series on the Road…

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  We had a wonderful time at Sheridan Lake, CO, teaching and having fellowship with the saints.  We taught eleven hours at Sheridan Lake Bible Church, and nine of those eleven hours were spent teaching Genesis chapters one through three.  Even with the nine hours of teaching, we did not quite finish Genesis chapter three.  It was a casual time of teaching, and during the teaching I enjoyed answering various questions they had about Genesis and creation in general....

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A Thought on the Recent Quasar Cluster Discovery

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  Astronomy is a fascinating field of science, as are other branches of science.  New discoveries are being made which challenge old theories and develop new ones.  We have seen this trend through history, for example, the once believed Law of Abiogenesis where scientists believed dead material would evolve into life.  This idea was held to be true for many centuries, that is until scientists like Louis Pasteur and others debunked this theory and through scientific...

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One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

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  Junk DNA, vestigial DNA, and leftover DNA from our animal ancestors are evidence for evolution… right?  On the contrary!  God doesn’t make junk!  Everything has a function, even though it has been corrupted by Adam’s fall. Continued research on Junk DNA reveals the complexity of our bodies.  Our bodies are composed of about 100,000 different proteins, but there are only about 20,000 protein-coding gene regions.  How can this be? This is where the Junk DNA comes...

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Water, Water Everywhere!

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  Water, water everywhere!  New discovery – 100 times more water on the moon than originally thought.  Ice discovered on Mercury.  Comets are made up of water and dirt, and they have layers like an onion… could these layers be sedimentary layers?  Scientists find evidence of a huge deluge on Mars.  Water shooting out of a star! Wow! And where did all the water on the earth come from when the earth started out as a molten blob of rock?  Some say from comets,...

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Star of Bethlehem

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  With the Christmas season here,  one mystery in the account of the birth of Christ is the star of Bethlehem.  This question is asked quite frequently when I teach on astronomy,  “So what did the wise men see?”  What kind of object was it?  Some say it was a special star similar to our sun, which was made by God; other ideas are planets, comets, or some other heavenly body.  As we study the motions of the stars, planets, etc., they rise on the eastern...

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Scientists are again inspired by nature for new artificial lens

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  In an attempt to construct a better lens, scientists have turned to the complex systems in nature.  By studying the human eye and the way it is designed, they believe they have designed a lens better than the intraocular lenses manufactured today.  The goal is to produce a more natural and superior lens to be used in damaged or diseased human eye lenses, consumer vision products, and surveillance equipment. With all the studying, technology, and intelligence of man,...

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