The Horseshoe Crab – a “Living Fossil”

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  Recently while walking along a Florida beach on the Gulf of Mexico, I found the remains of several horseshoe crabs. I was quite excited, because just a week before I had been able to observe live horseshoe crabs at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. Here on the beach I had an opportunity to actually hold and study them. The outer body of the horseshoe crab consists of a hard shell in three sections. The front section protects the soft parts on the underside – the...

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Extreme Low Tide on the Gulf Coast

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  My wife and I are collectors. We love to collect seashells and fossils. So when we were in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, we hit the beach almost every day looking for new types of seashells we have not found on other beaches in our travels. Early one morning, my wife met another collector who shared that there would be an extremely low tide in two days time. Because more of the beach is exposed during low tides, we find that is the best time to find shells. What we...

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Seed of Salvation at Epcot

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My mother, wife and I have just gotten back from a wonderful 2 week vacation to Florida. While there, my mother treated my wife and I to a day trip to the theme park Epcot, part of Walt Disney World, near Orlando, Florida. We began the day by visiting several attractions in what is called ‘Future World’.  As we traveled through a ride/exhibit called Spaceship Earth, I was saddened, but not really surprised that we were presented with our “evolutionary” beginnings. It is...

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Not a Minority After All

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  Because I believe in God as the Creator, I must be in a very small minority. At least that might be a conclusion one arrives at if you were to believe everything the textbooks, the media, the Hollywood movies and television portray – that mindless evolution has made everything! However, a recent 2012 Gallup Poll (a division of Gallup that regularly conducts public opinion polls in more than 140 countries – see wikipedia for more information on Gallup Inc.) revealed...

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Those Important Ants

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  My wife has a real problem with ants that move into the house. She has ant traps tucked all over the house (hiding them as best she can from the grandkids) and anti-ant powder sprinkled next to the foundation wherever she suspects they might sneak inside. It is not that she dislikes ants … she just doesn’t like them getting into our food supply. I am not an ant expert, but I have identified 5 different varieties of ants on our property. Four of these live in the...

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  Note: after recently having computer problems and talking with several computer service technicians, I was reminded of this parody I had stored in my files … thought I would share it with you. Remember, God is Love! Customer: I’m not very technical, but I think I am ready to install now. What do I do first? CS Rep: The first step is to open your HEART. Have you located your HEART ma’am? Customer: Yes I have, but there are several programs running right...

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Whale Power to Air Power

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In our travels around the country, we encounter many wind farms, churning away, generating electrical energy. In an effort to make wind turbines even more aerodynamically efficient, biology professor Dr. Frank Fish and Stephen Dewar (founders of Canadian-based company WhalePower) turned to biomimetrics [copying or being inspired by design solutions from nature]. Dr. Fish noticed that the bumpy, irregular surface on tail fins of the humpback whale and some dolphins increased...

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The Riddle of the Freezing Frogs

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  I have a holding pond for irrigation water on my property. Within a few weeks after the incoming water is shut off in mid-October, the pond drains. What is left is a thick layer of mud that freezes during the winter. I have always wondered what happens to several of my “pet” frogs during the winter. Several years ago, I had to deepen the pond during the winter. As I was digging through the frozen mud, I exposed two of those frogs. They were frozen! I carefully...

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Computer Woes

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  Have you ever taken your car to a mechanic to have it repaired, only to have it quit “ailing” as soon as you get it to the shop? The mechanic then has the problem of trying to fix something that isn’t showing symptoms, and has to base his diagnosis on hearsay. I had something similar happen to me just recently with my work computer. It was freezing up and jumping from window to window. I tried several fixes on my own, but to no avail, and so I took it to a computer...

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Not Always So Big

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  I have found that there are a lot of misconceptions about dinosaurs. I normally always start off each dinosaur talk showing 2 dinosaurs models (see pictures) – a Stegosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. After identifying the dinosaurs, and holding up the Stegosaurus, I will ask, “How many of you believe that at one time there was a Stegosaurus this exact size walking upon the earth? If you believe that, raise your hand.” Usually only a very few hands will be raised. Then...

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My God

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We received the following comment in response to my last blog (Biomimicry – Imitating God’s Design): “It is disingenous [sic] to say that scientists learn from God just because humans have observed and mimicked nature as a way to improve physical items.  No, scientists and humans can learn from animals and nature.  You (and no one to date) have not done anything to prove that animals and nature have come from your God. Please keep that in mind when...

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Biomimicry – Imitating God’s Design

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  While traveling home yesterday, we drove by Denver International Airport and saw many airplanes on their approach to land. As we looked at the underbellies of the large airplanes flying over our heads, Marilyn made the comment, “It’s amazing that something so large can even fly!” It is amazing; especially when you consider that the technology for mechanical flight came about from man observing a part of God’s creation … the birds. Today,...

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