Here you will find many resources, including articles and article archives from Alpha Omega Institute’s Think & Believe and Kids Think & Believe Newsletters, fun activities for kids, Creation Nuggets, and more.

Discover Creation Blog

Check out our Discover Creation Blog for speaker updates, scientific articles, devotionals, and other great reading.
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Discover Creation Articles

Find our latest articles here, or check out the Discover Creation blog for updates on our speaking teams.  Don’t forget to use our Creation Resource Search Engine or browse the tag cloud for information a topic that interests you! For a quick read, don’t miss our Creation Nuggets page!
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Creation Nuggets

For a quick read of interesting facts, quotes or food for thought, check out our Creation Nuggets below! For more detailed information, don’t miss our Discover Creation Articles and Think & Believe issues as well.
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Think & Believe Newsletters

Find the most recent issues of our newsletter, browse by topic, or look through 30 years of Think & Believe.
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Kid’s Think & Believe Too! Newsletters

Use helpful indexes to browse through various article and issues of our publication for kids.
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Recommended Books & DVDs

Here you'll find book reviews, as well as highlights of products we're excited to be offering. Let us know if you have any suggestions of books for us to review. Take a look!
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Creation Resource Search Engine

Alpha Omega Institute's site is loaded with helpful resources and articles to provide you with creation and science information. In addition to what can be found on our site, we are happy to be able to offer another wonderful resource: our Creation Search Engine.
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