Discover Creation Children’s Adventure DVD Lectures Set


Author: Lanny Johnson/Alpha Omega Institute

Media Type: DVD

Many people wonder: What happened to the dinosaurs? Was there enough room for them on the Ark? Others wonder: Are we related to monkeys? What about so-called cavemen? Lanny Johnson answers these questions and more in a way that kids will understand and remember.

These DVDs are also available for purchase individually: VBS DVD 1 & VBS DVD 2.


Sample Videos

Lanny Johnsonis a gifted teacher and communicator. His 5 lectures included in these videos have shown the truth of God’s creation and the problems of evolution to literally thousands of children across the country. The extensive use of graphics and Lanny’s personality provide an engaging presentation for children of all ages.

Topics included in this 2 DVD set (Lectures 1-5 in the Discover Creation Children’s Adventure VBS Series):

Volume 1:

1. Creation vs. Evolution

  • Big Bang
  • Order from Disorder
  • Complexity of the Cell
  • Missing Links
  • Variation within a Kind
  • Fossils/Artwork

2. Design

  • Design in Nature
  • Bombardier Beetle
  • Woodpecker
  • Sea Anemone
  • Sea Slug
  • Mallee Fowl

Volume 2:

3. Dinosaurs

  • What we Know
  • What we Don’t Know
  • Dinosaur Behavior
  • Dinosaurs and the Bible
  • Dinosaurs and Man

4. The Flood

  • The Pre-flood World
  • Pre-flood Giants
  • Man’s Sin
  • Dinosaurs and the Ark
  • Judgement
  • Post-flood Conditions
  • Future Judgement

5. Origin of Man

  • Observational Bias
  • Neanderthan Man
  • Ramapihicus
  • Java Man
  • Australopithicus (Lucy)
  • Piltdown Man
  • Nebraska Man
  • Man to Monkeys?

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