"The speakers at AOI are excellent communicators in bringing the message of God's wonderful creation to people of all ages. They are well-informed, technically precise, and easily understood." - Dr. Duane Gish, Institute for Creation Research

Dave & Mary Jo Nutting are the Directors of Alpha Omega Institute. They were college math and science instructors when they first grappled with the problems of evolution and became convinced of the evidence for Creation. Their personal contact with students convinced them of the importance of the issue, not only in science, but in evangelism and Christian growth. Since founding AOI in 1984, they have spoken extensively throughout the USA and overseas to young and old alike.

Nutting - Overview of Talks and Topics


Lanny and Marilyn Johnson are former evolutionists trained in the sciences. Creation teaching was instrumental in bringing them to a settled assurance that all of God’s Word can be trusted. In 1993, God led them to join Alpha Omega Institute and establish the Children’s Ministry to fortify children with the truth of the Bible and to help them avoid the pitfalls of evolution.

Johnson - Overview of Talks and Topics


Richard Stepanek was taught evolution in school and in church. He believed it until God opened his eyes to creation at a “Discover Creation” seminar. After extensive personal research on the subject, Rich became firmly convinced that the facts support the literal account of Creation found in the Bible. Rich joined Alpha Omega Institute as a full time speaker in 1997. His family often travels with him in the ministry.


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Brian and Aimee Mariani were both raised with a solid foundation and a deep passion for God’s word, science, and God’s Creation. In public schools and secular universities, Brian saw the deception of evolution all around him. He later taught the credibility of creation and the pervasiveness of evolution from a Biblical perspective as a science teacher at a Christian high school. Aimee has spent many years teaching campers about God’s creation at a Christian living history camp. They met at a Bible College that strengthened their creation worldview and Brian also had the opportunity to research and write the Biblical perspective of ancient cultures that can be read in The Genius of Ancient Man. Brian and Aimee joined AOI in 2013 because they have a passion to teach others about God through history, science, and His creation.

Make sure you check out The Marianis' Blog (Adventures in Faith) and Youtube channel to keep up to date with their adventures and teaching. They will also be blogging regularly on the Discover Creation Blog.

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Additional staff and speakers may be utilized depending upon availability. Specific staff and topics will be decided upon and confirmed at the time of booking.