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Discover Creation with AOI

Welcome to Alpha Omega Institute’s new website! We’re glad you took the time to check us out. We are unashamedly Biblical in presenting our views, yet we are seriously dedicated to presenting scientific and historical evidence to back up these views.

If you are a Christian, we believe you will find lots of evidence on this site to affirm your faith. If you are a searcher or a skeptic (like some of our staff used to be) we welcome you! We hope you will explore the evidence with an open mind, consider how you came to your current beliefs, and seriously contemplate how your view of origins impacts your life and destiny.

Welcome to the journey!

Ep. 19 - The Incredible Dolphin (If you have missed our previous episodes, look back at our older videos – put... fb.me/5sa2Bbzi5

Encountering the Ark

November 1, 2016 | Blog Posts, Johnsons from the Front | 0 comments

  In August, we were invited to teach a family program at Generation’s Noah Conference (http://www.generations.org/) held in Florence, Kentucky. We were able to teach 5 different sessions to an average attendance of 250 kids and adults (with 2 sessions of 300+). It turned out to be a real blessing. As an added blessing, we were able to tour Answer in Genesis’ Creation Museum and the newly opened Ark Encounter, a life-sized model of Noah’s Ark. According to the Bible the Ark was 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high (Genesis 6:15-16). According to Henry Morris1, the Hebrews used a common cubit of 17.5 inches and a long cubit of 20.4 inches. Over the years, most writers have used a cubit of 18 inches. The Ark of the Ark Encounter was built using the long cubit of 20.4 inches (510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high). Many times over the years we used large open areas (when we could find one large enough) to stake out the Ark with kids and families using an 18 inch cubit (450 feet long or about a football field and a half long). Kids and adults alike are quite impressed by its size … but standing next to a life-sized model of the Ark based on the long cubit and you will be more than impressed! It is a WOW moment! Never again should you be able to doubt that the Ark wasn’t big enough for all the...

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Magnetic Reversals found frozen in the rocks!

September 22, 2016 | Creation Nuggets | 0 comments

Here is a fascinating article – it shows how there is evidence of magnetic reversals “frozen” within the layers of rock. But what this article focuses on is research on a very small volcanic rock layer that based on its size could have only cooled (from lava) and formed within 15 days. What is significant is that it shows the complete magnetic reversal from the volcanic layer below and the volcanic layer above. This shows that it doesn’t take thousands of years for the magnetic field to reverse which happens over and over again over millions of years, but it shows that at that point in earth history it happened really fast – likely as some catastrophic event was happening (a worldwide flood and rapid plate tectonics).   This is yet another physical evidence that fits a catastrophic flood thousands of years ago better than billion year old slow changes to Earth history!   Read more details here:...

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