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Discover Creation with AOI

Welcome to Alpha Omega Institute’s new website! We’re glad you took the time to check us out. We are unashamedly Biblical in presenting our views, yet we are seriously dedicated to presenting scientific and historical evidence to back up these views.

If you are a Christian, we believe you will find lots of evidence on this site to affirm your faith. If you are a searcher or a skeptic (like some of our staff used to be) we welcome you! We hope you will explore the evidence with an open mind, consider how you came to your current beliefs, and seriously contemplate how your view of origins impacts your life and destiny.

Welcome to the journey!

According to Evolution, how do you get NEW genetic information? fb.me/4mScwlIZG

Indian Drawings of Dinosaurs?

April 16, 2015 | Nuttings from the Front | 2 comments

Mary Jo & I are currently leading a geology field trip of the Southwest for Jackson Hole Bible College. Besides seeing a lot of rock layers and formations (love that Flood Geology), they have gotten to see quite a few petroglyphs. One of those...

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Opposing Views of God and Reality   

August 31, 2015 | Creation Nuggets | 0 comments

  The Christian says: “Atheists don’t want reality to be that there is a God that they are accountable to.” The Atheist says: “Christians want reality to be that there is a God who loves and cares for them and who bring...

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