Echoes of the Jurassic


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Echoes of The Jurassic – Discoveries of Dinosaur Soft Tissue  -Have you heard of the discovery of dinosaur soft tissue? It is True, and the story begins in 2005…


Echoes of the Jurassic

Discoveries of Dinosaur Soft Tissue

Looking for a beautifully-done, informative, and “fresh” look at how soft tissue found in dinosaur bone takes a deadly bite out of the evolutionary millions-of-years paradigm?  Echoes of the Jurassic clearly presents the testimonies of many experts proclaiming that this discovery is easily one of the biggest problems for evolutionary models.

This award-winning documentary allows you to participate with real scientists, who believe in creation, actually performing the experiments.  The result is evidence that points to recent burial and fossilization – thus confirming the truth of Scripture.

As the host points out:  “The discovery of soft tissue is a powerful reminder of observable and empirical evidence that God created the universe in the beginning, just as stated in the Biblical book of Genesis.  As shown in dinosaur soft tissue research, observable science is on the side of the creationist.”

At just under an hour long, this documentary puts the whole issue in perspective and will strengthen your whole family in the truth of God and His Word.  For even more clarification on this topic, the DVD also includes a few bonus features.  Order several today!


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  1. Robert Thiry

    A very good video to watch and share/give away. As a fossil hunter it is great to see that this evidence is getting out!

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