Discover Creation: DVD 6


DVD includes 2 lectures:

  • The Bible Science, and Earth History – By Mary Jo Nutting
  • Stand Firm! – By Dave & Mary Jo Nutting


Media Type: DVD

The Bible Science, and Earth History

By: Mary Jo Nutting

Science and the Bible: Do they fit together? Based on what is taught in our public education system, most would say, “No.” However, only by looking at our world through the lens of Scripture, is it possible to have a proper understanding of past, present, and future events. Mary Jo Nutting puts it all together and shows how a literal view of the Bible and Earth history unites science and faith.

  • How do dinosaurs, cavemen, and the Ice Age fit with the Bible?
  • What is the difference between empirical and historical science?
  • Are science and faith mutually exclusive?
  • Are Genesis 1 and 2 conflicting reports?
  • What is the biblical framework of science?
  • Was Noah’s Flood global or local?

Stand Firm

By: Dave & Mary Jo Nutting

Dave and Mary Jo Nutting answer some tough questions regarding creation and evolution. Now, what happens when you face a question for which you just don’t have an answer? What happens if it seems to contradict the Bible? Using real life examples, Dave and Mary Jo relate the importance of standing firmly on God’s Word and the dangers that come from compromise. You will be encouraged by the practical advice for students.

  • Did God wire the human eye backwards?
  • What about the Gap Theory and Theistic Evolution?
  • See the dangers of trusting the ever-changing theories of science.
  • Find out how “S.T.O.P.” can help you when you have no answer.
  • Learn practical advice for students.

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